Water & Wastewater Equipment in Quebec

  • Amphitransport - Model AT300 - Gathering of Marine Plants and Floating Debris

    The Amphitransport AT300 has proven its reliability in transportation operations for dredged materials and the gathering of marine plants and floating debris of all kinds. The Amphitransport AT300 can also be used for underwater construction work. A wide range of optional equipment (dumping bins, roll on / roll off, conveyors, cranes, etc.) allows ...

    By Normrock Industries based in Terrebonne, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Amphibex Versatile Dredging Equipment Product line

  • Aquaray 40 Vertical Lamp System (VLS)

    Proven for the effective disinfection of wastewater, the Aquaray® 40 VLS is comprised of 40 low-pressure ultraviolet lamps that form an intense radiation field. The vertical Aquaray® 40 VLS unit can be installed in a variety of arrangements for easy retrofitting.

    By Degremont Technologies - a subsidiary of Suez Environnement Office in Dorval, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Infilco Degremont Line Product line

  • Ultrasource

    The Ultrasource package ultrafiltration System is a compact modular ultrafiltration unit. Completely self-contained, the unit is operated from a PLC control base. Four models are available to treat flows from 15 to 40 gallons per minute. The Ultrasource design allows filtered water to be used for module backwashing.

    By Degremont Technologies - a subsidiary of Suez Environnement Office in Dorval, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Infilco Degremont Line Product line

  • Toilet Water Saver

    Water saver for the toilet. 2 plates to be placed in the toilet tank. Easy to install. Made in Quebec. Enables to save thousands of liters of water annually per household.

    By Nova Envirocom Inc based in St-Germain-de-Grantham, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Water Saving Product line

  • Model HI 9146 - Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

    HI 9146 is a water-resistant, dissolved oxygen meter that measures up to 300% saturation or 45 ppm (mg/L) with temperature compensation and automatic calibration. It has been developed for DO and temperature measurement in water, wastewater, wine and applications such as fish farming.

    By Hanna Instruments based in Woonsocket, RHODE ISLAND (USA). from Dissolved Oxygen Product line

  • Model 21 - Weir Gates

    Weir Gates With Elastomer EPDM Seals. Dimensions  Square or rectangular openings up to 3048 mm or 120'. Materials Stainless steel (304 or 316) Galvanized or painted Aluminum

    By Dynamic Water Control Gates Inc. based in Pointe-Claire, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Weir Gates Product line

  • Model 34 Series - Air Release Valve

    Cla-Val 34 Series Air Release Valves are designed to vent entrained air that collects at high points in a pipeline.  This valve continuously eliminates air from a system by releasing small quantities of air before large air pockets can occur. In many installations, continuing accumulations of air in the pipeline (lacking air release ...

    By Cla-Val Distributor in QUEBEC (CANADA). from Waterworks Products - Air Valves Product line

  • Model 5 - Slide Gate

    Slide Gates With Elastomer EPDM Seals. Dimensions  Square or rectangular openings from 200mm to 1800 mm8' to 72' . MaterialsStainless steel (304 or 316) Galvanized or painted Aluminum

    By Dynamic Water Control Gates Inc. based in Pointe-Claire, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Slide Gates Product line

  • Borros Anchors

    Settlement points with Borros type anchors are mechanical, single point devices used to monitor subsurface settlement or heave of ground. The system consists of a three pronged anchor, a 6 mm (% in.) steel inner pipe and a 25 mm (1 in.) steel outer pipe. Pipes are assembled using standard couplings. After installation, the outer pipe serves as a ...

    By RST Instruments Ltd. Distributor in Montréal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Settlement Systems Product line

  • Premium

    Model 4 Diameter - Net, Oil Spill Sampling

    This new highly porous TFE-fluorocarbon polymer net, developed in conjunction with the U.S. Coast Guard, captures up to 10 times the volume of oil compared to traditional decanted samples, The extra volme collected from thin sheens allows for the presentation of chromatographic identification.

    By General Oceanics Inc. Distributor in QUEBEC (CANADA). from Oil Sampling Product line

  • Premium

    Novalynx Class A - Evaporation Pan

    The Novalynx Class A Evaporation Pan is a standard National Weather Service Class A type for measurement of water evaporation. It is normally installed on a wooden platform set on the ground in a grassy location. The pan is filled with water and exposed to represent an open body of water. The pan is filled to within 2.5 inches of the top of the ...

    By Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc. Distributor in Montréal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Accessories Product line

  • Model Series 900 - Stainless Steel Gates

    Series 900 Stainless Steel Gates offer high performance and long life in designs which accommodate a wide range of mounting arrangements and flow conditions. Rugged, rein forced stainless steel construction is combined with tough, flexible ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW) seat/seals, to provide a heavy-duty assembly. Flush bottom ...

    By Whipps, Inc. based in Athol, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Stainless Steel Gates Product line

  • VanEssen - Model CTD-Diver - Water Level Dataloggers

    Where there is a need to monitor groundwater levels and saltwater intrusion, injected wastewater, or contamination from chemical discharges and landfill sites, the CTD-Diver with its rugged, corrosion proof ceramic housing, is the instrument of choice. The CTD-Diver is equipped with a four-electrode conductivity sensor ...

    By Van Essen Instruments Distributor in QUEBEC (CANADA). from Water Level Dataloggers Product line

  • AccuBubble - Electronic Gas Mixer Monitoring

    AccuBubble™ is an electronic monitoring system that fully automates the oversight of large gas piston-bubble mixers in anaerobic digester facilities. Continually tracking the performance of all digester mixers, AccuBubble ensures the efficiency of the mixing system and of the anaerobic digestion process for optimal biogas production and ...

    By Claro Inc based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Anaerobic Digestion Product line

  • PMP - Model 2049 - Threaded Y-Strainer

    Threaded ends conform to: ASME B1.20.1. Max temperature 445o F. S.S. Standard Screen 0.032. Options: Blow Down Valve, Various size screens and mesh liners. Investment cast CF8M Stainless Steel body.

    By PMP Precision Valve Co. Ltd. based in St. Laurent, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Strainers Product line

  • ABS - Nopon Disc Diffuser System

    The reliable ABS Nopon disk diffuser system is one of the world’s most widely-installed fine-bubble aeration systems, available in five alternative diffuser models. Preassembled diffuser elements enable fast and easy installation. Retrofits are available to increase aeration efficiency.

    By Sulzer Distributor in St-Rosaire, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Pumps and Systems - Aeration Systems Product line

  • Lagoon Pump

    Here is the new DM manure pump, the most efficient on the market. Reduce your mixing time with less horsepower with the new 2 mixing screw (patented). The pump is designed to run with a tractor from 130hp to 300hp, try it and you will see, you'll impress everyone who will see you work. A two and four wheel model exist, the latter used as a ...

    By DM Machinery based in St-Simon, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • ICP Peristaltic Pump Tubing

    SCP SCIENCE offers a complete range of affordable and reliable peristaltic pump tubing including: PVC, Solvent Flex, Silicone, Viton®, and Santoprene® compositions. Tested and certified for chemical composition, performance and durability,simply choose the proper color, inner diameter (I.D.), and number of “stops” to confirm the right pump ...

    By SCP SCIENCE based in Baie D`Urfe (Montreal), QUEBEC (CANADA). from ICP AES & ICP MS Product line

  • Model 5-25 Range (1/2 to 5 HP) - Submersible Well Pumps

    Residential 2-25 GPM, 1/2 – 5 HP, 60Hz, Submersible Pumps 5GS, 7GS, 10GS, 13GS, 18GS & 25GS

    By Goulds Water Technology, Xylem Inc. Distributor in St-Rosaire, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Submersible Well Pumps Product line

  • PetroFLAG - Model PF-MTR-01 - Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon Kit

    Relying on laboratory methods to determine hydrocarbon contamination in soil is both time consuming and expensive. Laboratory methods, such as EPA Method 8015, are very expensive and have turnaround times of one to two weeks. Most samples analyzed by this method limit the results to Gasoline Range Organics (GRO) or Diesel Range Organics (DRO). ...

    By Dexsil Corporation Distributor in QUEBEC (CANADA). from Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Soil Product line

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