Water & Wastewater Equipment in Latin America

  • Borros Anchors

    Settlement points with Borros type anchors are mechanical, single point devices used to monitor subsurface settlement or heave of ground. The system consists of a three pronged anchor, a 6 mm (% in.) steel inner pipe and a 25 mm (1 in.) steel outer pipe. Pipes are assembled using standard couplings. After installation, the outer pipe serves as a ...

    By RST Instruments Ltd. Distributor in Las Condes, CHILE. from Settlement Systems Product line

  • Air Purification Powdered Activated Carbon

    Activated carbon plays an integral role in purifying the world's air quality, indoors and out.Whether you are working to meet emission regulations to protect the environment and human health, controlling emissions, or reducing harmful or nuisance odors. Cabot Norit Activated Carbon offers a variety of activated carbon products to help address your ...

    By Cabot Corporation Office in Sao Paulo, BRAZIL. from Activated Carbon- Powdered Activated Carbon Product line

  • Mantech - Model 300mL - Automated BOD Analysers

    Automates the BOD5 and BOD7 methods. Specifically designed for laboratories analysing a medium or large number of samples per day. Available with the standard 300mL bottles or 60mL bottles. Analyze BOD and CBOD in the same run. Easy to use PC-BOD software. Automatically adds seed, inhibitor and dilution water as required.

    By MANTECH INC. Distributor in Vila Pompéia, BRAZIL. from BOD Analysers Product line

  • Model ADC36-R - Drain Cover

    Seal unwanted liquids out of your drain by covering it with a flexible DrainCover.

    By SpillTech Distributor in TRINIDAD & TOBAGO. from Spill Containment Product line

  • WaterMark Student Plankton Net

    This 15 cm diameter x 50 cm length Nitex® plankton net comes with a stainless steel ring and bridle, clear polycarbonate cod-end assembly with valve action drain, and 10.0m line. Nitex® nylon nets are available in 153 µ, 80 µ, and 363 µ mesh sizes.

    By Forestry Suppliers, Inc. Distributor in COLOMBIA. from Aquatic Supplies/Equipment Product line

  • FARMA - Model TOC 2100 - Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

    Ideal system for measuring Laboratory (bench) Conductivity and Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in water pharmaceutical grade PW / WFI and Water Laboratory Grade ASTM Type I and II.Fully meets the standard USP (American) and Pheu (European) adopted by the National Health Surveillance Agency - ANVISA.The device has what is most modern technology ...

    By Gehaka based in Real Parque - CEP, BRAZIL. from Total Organic Carbon Analyzer Product line

  • Ecotech - Model Aurora 2000 - PM Correlating Nephelometer

    The Aurora 2000 PM Correlating Nephelometer is part of the ‘new generation’ nephelometers using a single wavelength and an BETA monitor to measure aerosol light scattering and derive particulate concentrations. The Aurora 2000 enables the calculation of a correlation factor based on a PM2.5 reference method which is then used to derive ...

    By Ecotech Pty Ltd Distributor in ARGENTINA. from Particulates - Aerosol Research Instruments Product line

  • Aquaventuri - Flume

    With 8 models from 7 to 2500 m3/h, the Aqua-venturi range comply with most of the applications that require open chanel flow measurment. The consolidated structure allows a very easy and rapid installation.

    By Aqualabo Group Distributor in Barra da Tijuca, BRAZIL. from Flumes & Weirs Product line

  • Rotoscreen - Model RS - Self Cleaning Fine Screen

    Meva Rotoscreen is a self-cleaning fine screen for separation of solids from water. The screen has a very low flow resistance which results in a low head loss. This is an advantage at installations in open channels.

    By Nordic Water Products AB Office in Lapa, BRAZIL. from Meva Product line

  • Cooper Environmental - Model Xact® 920 - Multi-Metals Continuous Water Analyzer

    The Xact® 920 system uses reel-to-reel filter tape sampling and nondestructive X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis to monitor aqueous samples for user-selected metals. A measured amount of unknown sample is blended with a known amount of internal standard which is continuously nebulized, evaporated, and collected onto the filter tape. The liquid ...

    By Cooper Environmental Distributor in Nunoa, CHILE.

  • Modulevel - Model E3 - Digital Liquid Level Transmitter

    The Digital E3 Modulevel is an advanced, intrinsically safe two-wire instrument utilizing simple buoyancy principle to detect and convert liquid level changes into a stable output signal. The linkage between the level sensing element and output electronics provides a simple mechanical design and construction. The vertical in-line design of the ...

    By Magnetrol International, Inc. Office in Monteiro, BRAZIL. from Level- Displacer Transmitter Product line

  • Premium

    Cable Operated Sediment Samplers: Van Veen Grabs

    The stainless steel Van Veen grabs are used for the taking of disturbed samples from the bottom of lakes, rivers, etc. Various designs can be supplied. The smaller designs are manually controlled.

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Distributor in ARGENTINA. from Soil and Sediment Sampling Product line

  • Premium

    Cable Operated Sediment Sampler: Ekman Grab

    This grab is intended for use in soft sediment that is free from plant growth. Two thin hinging flaps are open while the grab is lowered. The flaps close when a drop-weight is dropped (cable operated) or a button is pressed (rod operated). Samples can, therefore, also be taken from very soft top layers. The pressure of the sample prevents much ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Distributor in ARGENTINA. from Soil and Sediment Sampling Product line

  • Premium

    CTP AutoKAT - Regenerative Catalytic Oxidation (RCO)

    The AutoKAT combines the advantages of the regenerative thermal oxidation with those of catalytic oxidation and is a technologically advanced air pollution solution. The AutoKAT is a very cost-effective alternative if no catalyst poisons occur. Existing systems can be upgraded to an AutoKAT.

  • Premium

    Novalynx Class A - Evaporation Pan

    The Novalynx Class A Evaporation Pan is a standard National Weather Service Class A type for measurement of water evaporation. It is normally installed on a wooden platform set on the ground in a grassy location. The pan is filled with water and exposed to represent an open body of water. The pan is filled to within 2.5 inches of the top of the ...

    By Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc. Distributor in Cali, COLOMBIA. from Accessories Product line

  • Premium

    Teflon - Model 4 Diameter - Net, Oil Spill Sampling

    This new highly porous TFE-fluorocarbon polymer net, developed in conjunction with the U.S. Coast Guard, captures up to 10 times the volume of oil compared to traditional decanted samples, The extra volme collected from thin sheens allows for the presentation of chromatographic identification.

    By General Oceanics Inc. Distributor in Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA. from Oil Sampling Product line

  • Premium

    ANPHOS - Phosphate Recovery from Wastewater

    Application: In order to remove phosphates from waste waters or digestate in an environmentally friendly manner the ANPHOS® process can be applied. During anaerobic waste water purification the phosphate present is largely converted into ortho-phosphate, whereas the nitrogen is converted into ammonia (NH4-N). In case of aerobic ...

    By Colsen International b.v. Office in San Isidro, ARGENTINA.

  • Well Depth Indicator Probe

    The Heron Well Depth Indicator Probe is used to measure the depth of wells and boreholes. The Well Depth Indicator uses a stainless steel probe fitted with a pressure sensitive plunger attached to either the Heron dipper-T or Water Tape water level indicators. The graduated tape, with two stranded stainless steel conductors is stored on a durable ...

    By HERON Instruments Inc. Distributor in Campinas, BRAZIL. from Water Level Indicators N Product line

  • Water Well Casing

    Water Well Casing is engineered to be assembled quickly and accurately for use in water wells and similar applications.

    By RST Instruments Ltd. Distributor in Las Condes, CHILE. from Environmental Products Product line

  • Plasti-Fab - Large Trapezoidal Flumes

    Trapezoidal flumes fall into two principal groups, 60º V-notch flumes and larger trapezoidal flumes. The 60º V flumes have a sharp V-throat section similar to a V-notch weir and produce superior resolution for accurate flow measurement down to 1 gpm. The larger trapezoidal flumes, up to the 2 foot SRCRC flume, have flat floors and ...

    By Plasti-Fab, Inc. Distributor in Monterrey, MEXICO. from Flumes Product line

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