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  • Hydroman™  Excavator Hydraulic Sand Gravel Pump

    Hydroman™ Excavator Hydraulic Sand Gravel Pump

    Hydroman™ Excavator Hydraulic Sand Gravel Pump are suitable for 120, 150, 220, 240, 300, 330, 360 and other small, medium and large series of Excavators. Besides, they are specialized for those circumstances that are difficulty to dig, such as much more water and watery sludge and sand. Remove the bucket and connect to the hydraulic mortar pump, concentration of extraction with high ...


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  • Unique Pump Station Screen

    Unique Pump Station Screen

    The Unique Pump Station Screen is part of the range of high quality German manufactured screens and has been designed specifically for screening solids in pump stations. Solids collecting in pump stations can cause many problems including pump blockages. The HUBER pumps station screen is designed to remove solids from pump stations before the inlet of the pumps, thus increasing the reliability ...

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  • Ecwatech - 2020

    Ecwatech - 2020

    ECWATECH - the leading water forum in Eastern Europe, represents the whole range of equipment and services for the rational use, restoration and protection of water resources, water treatment, municipal and industrial water supply, wastewater treatment, construction and operation of pipeline systems, water bottling and other Issues of water sector development. This is the place where the leaders ...

Wastewater Collection, LEVEL I & II Courses

Nov. 24rd - 27th | Halifax


Sep. 13rd - 17th | Brno