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    Wastewater Applicatons Brochure

    Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants generate strong, unpleasant odors in varying degrees throughout the treatment process: pump stations, headworks, primary clarifiers, digesters, lagoons, and sludge handling areas. The odors generally associated with these processes – which include hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, skatoles, mercaptans, amines, and indoles – ...

    By OMI Industries (OMI)

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    Greyline - Model PSL 5.0 - Automatic Pump Station Level Controller - Brochure

    Pump Station Level Control, Monitoring and Reporting. Ideal for Level Control: Designed for pump stations, wet wells and tank level control the new Greyline PSL 5.0 Pump Station Level Controller has six independently programmable control relays for pump or valve control, level alarms, autodialers, temperature or fault ...

    By Greyline Instruments Inc.

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    Model 898 XYZ - Sample Changer for Large Sample Series Brochure

    898 XYZ Sample Changer• Straightforward automation for high sample throughput • High operating speed• Measurement & titration directly in the sample vessels• High precision for reliable & reproducible results898 XYZ Sample Changer – the Metrohm Sample Changer for large sample seriesGet correct & dependable results fasterThe more samples your laboratory has to analyze, the higher the pressure to ...

    By Metrohm AG

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    Air-ET Operations Guide

    Model DLA-RPS is a relief valve designed to provide protection for sewage pumping stations. Model DLA-RPS is a fast acting relief valve that has some characteristics of a direct acting relief valve and pilot operated relief valve. The valve is operated by external air pressure. Energizing of two Solenoid Valves opens the valve. A Diaphragm Isolator protects the pilot system from the ...

    By Singer Valve Inc.

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    Greyline - Model PSL 5.0 - Hybrid Pump Station Level Controller - Installation & Operation Instructions Manual

    Power Input: The standard model requires AC power input between 100 to 240 VAC 50/60Hz . No adjustments are necessary for voltages within this range. Optional DC input model requires 9-32 VDC/9 Watts. Connect to + and - terminals. Optional Thermostat and Heater modules are available rated for 115 VAC or 230 ...

    By Greyline Instruments Inc.

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    Drying technology for sewage sludge

    www.andritz.comDrying technologiesfor sewage sludge32Sewage sludge treatmentSystem solutions from a single sorceReuse - Reduce - Recycle From waste to valuable substance by dryingSignificant reduction in weight and volume by • Thickening • Dewatering • Drying • IncinerationA broad product range, extensive pro-cess know-how, many years of experi-ence, numerous references, and a world-wide ...

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    FMB210 Fully Automatic Aseptic Filling, Stoppering and Capping Machine Brochure

    FMB210Fully AutomAtic monobloc- Compact / small foot print- Very suitable for GMP environments- Up to 75 units/minute- Short change-over time- Customized designWorld leaderS in aSePtiC PeriStaltiC fillinGBU12FMB210fMB210 is equipped with a number of sensors, to ensure correct operation and to ensure that a missing bottle results in no subsequent fill/cap.fMB210 is equipped with a central tool ...

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    YCL Series Operator Control Station (OCS) - Flyer

    The YCL Series Pump Controller is EPG’s newest, full featured solution for landfill leachate management. These controllers use a single Operator Control Station (OCS), capable of multiple functions in a cost effective and familiar ...

    By EPG Companies Inc.

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    H1 Catalogue

    H1System dust and odor under controlThe misting system H1 represents a real effective solution in dust suppression and air filtration.High-pressure misting systems are normally used to solve or reduce dust generated by the handling of bulky materials or generally during several industrial processes, they are the ideal solution for open spaces orwide areas.The misting systems H1 produce a high ...

    By EmiControls

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    H1 catalogue

    H1System dust and odor under controlThe misting system H1 represents a real effective solution in dust suppression and air filtration.High-pressure misting systems are normally used to solve or reduce dust generated by the handling of bulky materials or generally during several industrial processes, they are the ideal solution for open spaces orwide areas.The misting systems H1 produce a high ...

    By EmiControls

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    ASTIM - Screening Technology - Brochure

    Initial step of the water and wastewater treatment plant is the mechanical treatment. Screening equipment is the most important members of this pre-treatment process. Astim designs and manufactures manually cleaned and mechanically raked screens in a wide range of sizes and types for water and wastewater treatment plants and pumping ...

    By ASTIM A.S.

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    Specac Product Catalogue 2016

    Product Catalogue2014www.specac.comSpecac2014CatalogueFinal( 13/02/2014 07:52 Page 1Specac2014CatalogueFinal( 13/02/2014 07:52 Page 2Contents | Specac Product Catalogue 2014www.specac.com3ContentsProduct SelectorStarter KitsIR TransmissionIR ReflectanceSample PrepPolarizersHints & ...

    By Specac Limited

  • OASIS - Model G2 - Retrofit Controller System - Datasheet

    Flowtronex’ OASIS g2 Control Panel adds computerized control to any fixed speed or variable speed pump station, regardless of manufacturer. The microprocessor-based OASIS g2 industrial controller offers easy navigation and smooth pump operation via a simple push button interface. Flowtronex’ OASIS g2 Retrofit Control Panel is weather resistant, UL Listed, and comes equipped in a NEMA ...

  • Model REBF-Series - Vent Pipe Biofilter Brochure

    The Vent Pipe Biofilters have been specially designed to reduce odors from various vent pipes as for example from pump stations. They should be used for small airflow rates where space or costs do not allow the use of a Stand-Alone Biofilter. The Vent Pipe Biofilters come in a standard range of sizes, fitting various ventilation pipes, and are simply inserted into the ventpipe. Depending on the ...

  • Model WS1P-TP - Single Phase Simplex Control Panel Brochure

    The WS Series single phase simplex control panel will control a 120/208/240V single phase pump in sewage pump chambers, sump pump basins, and lift stations. See Water simplex control panels come standard with a clear front NEMA 4X rated enclosure, an IEC rated contactor, and a motor protective switch. All panels are UL listed for the United States and Canada, and come standard with a three-year ...

    By See Water, Inc.

  • Kontek - Model 1300 - Fully Automated Continuous Physical Chemical Precipitation Processes System Brochure

    The 1300 is ideal for Greenfield sites and facilities with more floor space and larger entrances. Kontek’s sophisticated continuous precipitation processes are calibrated to deliver optimal results in industrial settings. Efficiently treat your wastewater prior to re-use or safe environmental discharge with durable and long-lasting equipment. Prebuilt at Kontek, it reduces installation ...

    By Kontek

  • eco-tabs - Wastewater Tablets Brochure

    Patent pending eco-tabs Wastewater Tablets are solid, sustained release tablets which provide active oxygen, nutrients, buffers and safe aerobic microorganisms to help clean, control odor, and keep wastewater systems running efficiently with reduced downtime. eco-tabs has developed this enhanced aerobic grease mitigation and digestion technology to address the challenges of lift/pump stations and ...

    By Eco Global Sales, Inc.

  • Pump-Tank Stations Brochure

    Smart Family of Cooling Products is a premier provider of premium pump tanks for various industries. Everychilled water tankandcooling tower pump tankwe produce is made from first-rate materials, giving you stainless steel, plastic, and fiberglass options. Our tanks are all customizable to suit your unique requirements and deliver an apt solution for your application. SmartHydronics is a premier ...

  • Pump Stations Brochure

    At Tricel we manufacture both packaged and custom-designed below ground pump stations for foul water or ...

    By Tricel Environmental

  • High Capacity Pump Lift Stations (HCPLS) - Brochure

    Wastech's High Capacity Pump Lift Stations (HCPLS) are designed for transferring high volumes of water, chemicals and wastewater when a gravity drain is not possible. All HCPLS systems use thermoplastic vertical centrifugal pumps for corrosion resistance. Custom configurations and tank geometries are available, call or e-mail ...

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