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  • Unpredictable volcanic ash plumes restrict air traffic

    Unpredictable volcanic ash plumes restrict air traffic

    Volcano Alert Level: “Warning” and Aviation Color Code: “Red.” If a volcano reaches this status, there is a major eruption imminent or already underway, which poses a threat to the surrounding areas on the ground and in the air. Even with early monitoring systems in place for hundreds of volcanoes worldwide, the unpredictable nature of earthquakes, eruptions, lava ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Ultrapure Water System

    Ultrapure Water System

    Produce Ultrapure Water directly from your drinking water supply: A system with a very compact integrated tank which can be fixed on the bench or wall mounting to be installed wherever ultra pure water is needed. Available as a tap or pretreated feed system to meet all lab needs The DI version produce water from the dispenser with a quality of 0.055 µS/cm, equivalent to18.2 MΩ-cm, and ...

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  • Ecwatech - 2020

    Ecwatech - 2020

    ECWATECH - the leading water forum in Eastern Europe, represents the whole range of equipment and services for the rational use, restoration and protection of water resources, water treatment, municipal and industrial water supply, wastewater treatment, construction and operation of pipeline systems, water bottling and other Issues of water sector development. This is the place where the leaders ...


Sep. 13rd - 17th | Brno