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Pure Water equipment for Water and Wastewater

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    Model Super Wet - Water Based Pure Urethane Sealer

    Super Wet is a high solids, two-part water based pure urethane sealer that penetrates the pavers to provide a longer lasting protective barrier with superior joint stabilization (no need for polymeric sand) resulting in a 'wet look.' Super Wet is user friendly and environmentally safe. The high solids content of pure urethane wears evenly and ...

    By Draygon LLC based in Venice, FLORIDA (USA). from Water Based Pure Urethane Sealer Product line

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    ADC - Model GFPIII - Fluorescent Protein Meter

    The GFPIII is a general purpose, modulated, fibre optic fluorometer available with a choice of filter sets tuned to fit your fluorescence requirements. Popular selections are filters for Green fluorescent protein, Rhodamine, Chlorophyll and Fluoroscein. The supplied, flexible fibre optic probe enables the GFP to be used with solid, liquid or ...

    By ADC BioScientific Ltd based in Hoddesdon, UNITED KINGDOM. from Fluorescent Protein Meter Product line

  • Mobile Recovery Filtration System

    Nanofiltration, on the spectrum of separation technologies, is one of the most versatile membrane options, in that it is effective in both the ionic as well as molecular range of filtration. This capability makes it a comprehensive solution for wastes that are more challenging or as a pretreatment insurance policy, designed to always protect a ...

    By LT Technologies, Inc. based in East Bridgewater, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Mobile Recovery Filtration System Product line

  • Sempa - Chemical Supplies in Stainless Steel

    We offer complete solutions: design, construction, commissioning, operation and service. Central supplies for DEZn, TEOS, TCS, SiCl4, POCl3, TMA and others. Chemicals distribution cabinets and manifold boxes. Loading, mixing and central supplies for slurry. Piping systems in stainless steel. Control of engineering processes. Control of liquid ...

    By Sempa Systems GmbH based in Dresden, GERMANY.

  • MFG RO Plant of Water Purification

    Used for the purpose of water purification, the offered RO Plant is known to be one of the finest that is available in the market. Owing to the high grade raw materials and technology used for manufacturing this, the offered plant provides a highly commendable functionality. This product is offered to clients at the best rate possible.

    By Canadian Crystalline Waters India Ltd based in UAE, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. from MFG RO Plant of Water Purification Product line

  • Filtersoft - Water Purification System

    We are the master distributors in BC for the complete line of Filtersoft products. Whether you require water purification for your home or for commercial applications we are ready to meet your requirements.

    By West Coast Filters Inc. based in Nanaimo, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Water Purification System Product line

  • Multiple Effect Water Stills

    Combining the advantages of the natural circulation method of distillation with the separation of pyrogens by forcing the steam produced to make a number of rigorous turns, the Pharmatec Multiple-Effect Water Still produces the highest quality Water-For-Injection regardless of the quality of water feeding the unit.

    By BMT USA based in MONROE, WASHINGTON (USA). from Multiple Effect Water Stills Product line

  • Vesta - H2 Electric Water Ionizers

    Unmatched UltraWater Filtration. SmartElectrodes (9-Plates).  H2 Infusion Technology. Improved DARC Cleaning. Great H2, at any level!.

    By AlkaViva LLC based in Reno, NEVADA (USA). from H2 Electric Water Ionizers Product line

  • Model NLB Series - Portable Purified Water Bottle

    NLB series portable purified water bottle adopts international advanced efficient filter with a long lifetime. It can remove pathotype such as bacteria, pathogenic bacteria, etc. in contaminated water, filtrate and absorb suspended matter, a variety of harmful morganic and organic compounds, making the water of purification and disuifection.

    By Newland EnTech Co. Ltd. based in Fuzhou City, CHINA.

  • GEC - Model LS3-M8000 - Mobile Water Purification Systems

    GEC provides Global Water systems that utilize the three basic principles for water purification. (1) Utilizing replaceable 1-Micron filters, intestinal protozoa such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia as well as other parasites are eliminated. (2) Global’s proprietary absorption/adsorption process removes and eliminates more hazardous ...

    By Global Ecology Corporation (GEC) based in Montclair, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Enmetec - Model OSS-1-120 and OSS-1-50 - Central-Multi-Filter (with KDF & Activated Carbon)

    Intended use: The central-multi-filter offers essential protection by removing chlorine, lead, mercury, iron, hydrogen sulfide and other chemical tastes, odors, dirt and sediments from water supplies. It also has a mild anti-bacterial, algaecitic and fungicitic, effect and may reduce the accumulation of lime scale. The central-multi-filters are ...

    By Enmetec GmbH based in Mönchengladbach, GERMANY.

  • Model Digox 6.1 - Dissolved Oxygen in Ultra-Pure Water

    The Digox 6.1 measures traces of dissolved oxygen in ultra-pure water. The robust Thiedig Sensor with automatic calibration is designed for the continuous operation with a minimum of maintenance. The calibration can be performed at any time. Thus, a secure and dependable measuring result is always guaranteed.

    By Dr. Thiedig GmbH & Co KG based in Berlin, GERMANY. from Dissolved Oxygen in Ultra-Pure Water Product line

  • KENT - KENT Excel

    •Double Purification by RO & UV with TDS controller•Computer Controlled Operation with Filter Change Alarm & UV Fail Alarm.•After a pre-set time, Filter Change Alarm is audible which indicates time to replace the filters. If filters are not changed within next 60 hours of use, the purifier stops functioning, to avoid the possibility of impure ...


  • VPure - Model 4400H - USP Purified Water System With Hot Water Sanitization

    The VPure 4400H is a value designed USP grade water system for use in bacteria controlled applications in the Life Science market. The base system is a compact centralized hot water sanitizable RO system and distribution system with an option for Service DI (SDI) or Electrodeionization (EDI) to polish the RO permeate to USP purified water grade. ...

    By Mar Cor Purification (MCP) based in Plymouth, MINNESOTA (USA). from USP Purified Water System With Hot Water Sanitization Product line

  • Water Demineralisation Plants

    Demineralisation of water is achieved by an ion - exchange process wherein the dissolved salts are removed and pure water is obtained. The plants are user friendly with standard instruments for continuous monitoring of treated water. Depending on the quality of raw water to be demineralised an optimum system is designed. A combination of different ...

    By Concepts India Pvt. Ltd. based in Sanpada, Navi Mumbai, INDIA.

  • Battery Water Systems

    A reliable, compact and cost effective systems for the production of purified water for wet-cell lead acid batteries. The battery water dispensing stations (BWDS) produces consistent quality battery water direct from a mains supply to meet the requirements of BS4974 Grade A water. Each unit is easy to install, being wall mounted for effective use ...

    By SUEZ Water UK | Purite Ltd. based in Thame, UNITED KINGDOM. from Battery Water Systems Product line

  • Model QL-500 - Hydrogen Generator

    The series of products, producing highly pure hydrogen by utilizing SPE technology to electrolyze pure water(no adding alkali), are light, highly effective, energy-saving, and of environmental protection. They are advanced patented products.

  • Everblue - Model PES99 G - Pleated Membran Polyetherosulfone Cartridge

    Product type: Pleated membran polyetherosulfone cartridge. Internal core: Polypropylene. External core: Polypropilene. Efficiency: 99.98%. Hot sanitizing: No . Heights: 9” ¾ - 10” - 20” - 30” - 40”. Micron: 0,05 µm; 0,1 µm; 0,2 µm; 0,45 µm; 0,65 µm. Endcaps types: ST - C8 - C7 - C3 ...

    By Everblue s.r.l. based in Borgo Val di Taro (Parma), ITALY. from Pleated Membran Polyetherosulfone Cartridge Product line

  • Leveluk - Model SD501U - Water Ionizers

    If you could use a little more free counter space, this is the perfect unit for your kitchen! With the quality and power of the SD501, but the convenience of nestling discreetly under your sink, this Enagic machine is both practical and highly accommodating. You will still enjoy a fully featured, compact LCD control panel that is wall-mounted. ...

    By Enagic - Kangen Water based in New York, NEW YORK (USA).

  • nLite HiMod - Model 20m (65 ft) - Ultra Carbon Fibre Poles

    Made using a complex combination of carefully selected premium carbon fibres delivering unrivalled rigidity. 30% more rigid than our previous top spec nLite HiMod Carbon Fibre pole! Superlight, ideal for working at heights of up to 20m/65ft and higher if local safety regulations allow.

    By Unger Germany GmbH based in Solingen, GERMANY. from Ultra Carbon Fibre Poles Product line

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