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  • Selenium removal from surface water - Case Study

    Selenium removal from surface water - Case Study

    Overview Selenium concentration in this mine-influenced surface water was an average of 160 ppb, well in excess of the EPA-recommended standard of 5 ppb. These elevated concentrations pose potential toxicological concerns due to bioaccumulation in aquatic species, resulting in potential reproductive and developmental deformities. Reverse osmosis (RO) was selected for this project due to

  • Degreasing Liquid Treatment

    Degreasing Liquid Treatment

    Degreasing process is a necessary step before any other processing in mechanical industry, in the steel industry and generally speaking in the transformation of raw materials. Degreasi


Equipment & Solutions

  • Nanofiltration NF Membrane Technology

    Nanofiltration NF Membrane Technology

    Nanofiltration (NF) is a membrane separation process. NF membranes pass water and reject ionic and non-ionic species based on both size and charge. Nanofiltration is not simply “loose RO”, and does more than “pass more ions than an RO” (as the phrase implies). Nanofiltration membranes are tuned to perform the specific separation the customer needs. Each NF manufacturer ...