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  • Self Check BOD Measurement
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    Self Check BOD Measurement

    By WTW - a xylem brand

    Respirometric OxiTop measuring system for BOD self check measurement with undiluted samples – measuring ranges up to 4,000 mg/l BOD possible.

  • Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant
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    Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant

    By EnviroChemie GmbH

    Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment With Biogas Production - Energy From Wastewater. One special characteristic of anaerobic technology is that it acidifies and ferments organic carbon compounds to produce the end products, ...

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  • SURCIS, S.L.

    SURCIS, S.L.

    Surcis is a company specialized in respirometry systems and wastewater biological treatment processes. The compact and fast BM multipurpose ...

  • Respirometer Systems and Applications, LLC

    Respirometer Systems and Applications, LLC

    Our team members have over 80 years of combined experience with the design and operation of respirometer system and application of respirometry to ...

  • Mailhem Ikos Environment Pvt. Ltd.

    Mailhem Ikos Environment Pvt. Ltd.

    Mailhem Ikos aims to be a one-stop solution to all waste management problems. We specialize in bio-energy generation from all organic biodegradable ...

  • ShangHai KangChern Environmental Science & Technology CO., LTD

    Kangchern (Shanghai) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Malaysian Ronser Biotechnology CO., LTD. specializing in sewage treatment, our company maintain ...

  • Respirometry Plus, LLC

    Respirometry Plus, LLC

    Respirometry Plus, an Arthur company that since 1968 has been recognized as the leader in developing respirometers, as well as a wealth of test ...