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  • Scaling Prediction Program Software
    Showcase Software

    Scaling Prediction Program Software

    By Genesys International Limited

    Membrane Master is the world`s foremost scaling prediction program and the result of many years of development. Just enter project details, operational data and a detailed water analysis and Membrane Master will ...

  • Membrane Biocide
    Showcase Product

    Membrane Biocide

    By Genesys International Limited

    Genesol 30 is a fast acting, broad-spectrum biocide used for cleaning Reverse Osmosis and Nano-Filtration membranes. It can be used both on and off-line to eliminate microbiological fouling. When used in potable water ...

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  • Standards Official Notice - Effective May 2016

    AWWA B100-16 Granular Filter MaterialAWWA B114-16 Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Systems for Water TreatmentAWWA C707-10(R16) Encoder-Type Rem

  • Drinking Water Scams Exposed!

    This special Waterwisdom report exposes H2O scams. Shocking truths are revealed about tap, distilled, well, mineral, spring, filtered, alkalized, ...

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  • Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.

    Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.

    Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. is a USA based manufacturer of advanced, innovative and sustainable treatment solutions for applications in process ...

  • Shelco Filters

    Shelco Filters

    Since 1973, Shelco has used state-of-the-art research and development to design high-quality filters that increase performance and reduce costs. Our ...

  • ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH

    ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH

    "For more than 55 years, the ProMinent Group has been a manufacturer of components and systems in the field of fluid metering as well as a reliable ...