Reverse Osmosis Desalination

Articles & Whitepapers

  • The Benefits of Decentralized Desalination

    The Benefits of Decentralized Desalination

    Large, traditional desalination plants may have the advantage of economy of scale, but the flexibility and efficiency of decentralized plants make them a superior option in many situationsDecentralized desalination simply means siting smaller desalination plants near a source of demand for fresh water and a supply of saline water. Because of the historically hig

  • Applications of porous titanium

    Applications of porous titanium

    With its unique properties, porous titanium can be widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, water treatment industry, food industry, bioengineering, chemical industry, petrochemical, metallurgical ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • pH/ORP Monitor - pH/ORP Controllers

    pH/ORP Monitor - pH/ORP Controllers

    The advanced “isolated” circuitry of the 720 Series II pH/ORP Monitor/ controllers guarantees accurate and reliable measurements — completely eliminating ground-loop and noise issues.