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Reverse Osmosis Equipment

  • Model TW series - Reverse Osmosis Systems

    TW series reverse osmosis systems are particularly suitable for the desalination of water with moderate salinity (up to 1500ppm TDS) for civil and industrial applications with capacities from 12,000 to more than 46,000 lt / day. Designed for maximum quality and reliability, they are equipped with the best components on the market. The ...

    By IdroService S.r.l. based in ROMA, ITALY. from Reverse Osmosis Product line

  • AWTS - Reverse Osmosis Membrane Systems

    All types of reverse osmosis membranes, as manufactured by Filmtec, Hydranautics, Fluid Systems, TriSep, Desal, and Osmonic membrane membrane performance projection and normalization programs. Troubleshooting and cleaning procedures for CA as well as TFC membrane products. Work with wide range of scale inhibitors, and chemical treatment for ...

  • LG NanoH2O - Model SW 400 ES - High Flux Seawater Reverse Osmosis Element (SWRO)

    NanoH2O's QuantumFlux ES membranes lower the cost of desalination by improving energy efficiency and productivity, offering the highest flux and salt rejection in their class. These high flux membranes are well suited for low temperature seawater and two-pass systems, making them ideal for the Caribbean and Latin America.

    By LG NanoH2O, Inc. based in El Segundo, CALIFORNIA (USA). from LG NanoH2O SWRO Elements Product line

  • Aurora Biomed CRYSTA - Model 500 - Lab Water Purification System

    The CRYSTA 500 produces both deionized and reverse osmosis Type 2 pure lab water directly from tap water. Using a stepwise filtration system that allows for exceptional purifying efficiency, it produces Type 2 water at a desalination rate of ≥99% and a virus elimination rate of ≥99.5%. The CRYSTA 500 delivers this water at the touch of a ...

    By Aurora Biomed Inc. based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Elemental Analysis Product line

  • TriSep - Model X-20 - Low Fouling Membrane

    TriSep X20 elements are manufactured with a unique polyamide-urea membrane. This membrane chemistry has anti-fouling properties which are inherent to the barrier layer and will not wash out over time like many surface coated membranes. 

    By TriSep Corporation based in Goleta, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Reverse Osmosis Membranes Product line

  • RO Dosing Chemicals

    Catering to the different water purification needs, we offer RO Dosing Chemicals to the clients across the country. The different types of RO Dosing Chemicals that we offer are highly effective. We formulate RO Dosing Chemicals as per the industry set norms and under the supervision of experienced engineers. Additionally, owing to their ...

    By RRR ENVIRO SYSTEMS based in Chennai, INDIA. from Reverse Osmosis Plant Chemicals Product line

  • NARO - Reverse Osmosis System

    Hydro Air Research Italia (HARI) has developed a reverse osmosis system able to concentrate the total dissolved solids to higher levels than the ones reachable with the traditional reverse osmosis systems, with better energy efficiency and optimal membranes performance. This patented system is called NARO SYSTEM.

    By Hydro Air Research Italia (HARI) based in Merlino (LO), ITALY. from Reverse Osmosis Systems Product line

  • Reverse Osmosis Plants

    Reverse Osmosis: The enviromentally friendly Technology for desalination of tapwater, processwater, wellwater, brackish-water and seawater. Advantages: Compared to conventional methods of pure water production RO shows major advantages: No chemicals for regeneration. No neutralisation of waste water. Low space requirement. Low operating cost. Low ...

    By CWG Gmbh based in Mannheim, GERMANY.

  • Seawater Reverse Osmosis Skids

    ISI is proud to introduce our line of pre-engineered seawater reverse osmosis skids capable of producing water suitable for drinking, irrigation, and industrial use. These skids were designed with the end user in mind. We have achieved reliability and ease of operation through simplicity.

    By Industrial Services Inc. (ISI) based in St. George, VERMONT (USA).

  • AquaClear - Tap Water Reverse Osmosis Systems

    Tap water or city municipal water that we all use on a daily basis to clean dishes, wash clothes, cook food and shower with is full of contamination. Many cities unfortunately are still using the same equipment that is in dire need of replacement from wear and old age. The financial backing for most state governments just isn’t there to aide ...

    By Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Reverse Osmosis Systems Product line

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems

    At Lakeside we have a wide and varied range of water filters and water purifiers, these can be used for a number of applications including filtering drinking water, aquatics and a whole list of commercial applications, the systems we have are very versatile and diverse and very effective.

    By LakesideWater & Building Services Limited based in Peterborough, UNITED KINGDOM. from Domestic Product line

  • Big-Iron - Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

    Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) is a process whereby water with dissolved solids, is forced, under pressure, through a semi-permeable membrane resulting in the removal of the dissolved solids.

    By Big Iron Drilling Ltd. based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Water Treatment Product line

  • APEC Plus - Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

    250, 450, 800 GPD Commercial Plus Model. Super high flow Thin Film composite TFC membrane. Liquid-filled Inlet and outlet pre-filter gauges. Liquid-filled system pressure gauge. Stainless steel fixed waste/recycle flow control. Pressurized tank pressure gauge. 20' 5 micron carbon and sediment filters. Storage tank pressure switch. Feed water ...

    By APEC, Advanced Purification Engineering Corp. based in City of Industry, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Systems Product line

  • AquaClear - Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems

    Our (ROS) Systems are designed for durability and efficiency. Our systems are designed for plug and play for most standard industrial needs. This system is combined with sediment pre-filters for long life protection of the RO booster pump and membranes. Options for a water softener with brine tank,multi-media filters, UV sterilizer, or antiscalant ...

    By Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Reverse Osmosis Systems Product line

  • Reverse Osmosis Chemicals

     TH-0100 Antiscalant and Dispersant for RO Membrane TH-150 Antiscalant and Dispersant for RO MembraneTH-200 Antiscalant and Dispersant for RO MembraneTH-191 Antiscalant and Dispersant for RO MembraneTHR-2000 Antiscalant and Dispersant for RO MembraneTHASD-200 Antiscalant and Dispersant for RO MembraneTH-260 Acid Detergent for RO MembraneTH-261 ...

    By Shandong Taihe Water Treatment Co., Ltd. based in Zaozhuang city,, CHINA.

  • Marlow - Model MRO-4V Series - High Purity RO Systems

    The Marlo 'MRO-4V' Series Reverse Osmosis system is designed for commercial and light industrial applications requiring high purity water (98-99% salt rejection). Nominal output capacities of 3,600-9,000 GPD. Vertically arranged membrane housings for minimal floor space usage requirements. Skid-mounted packages are available which Greatly reduce ...

    By Marlo, Inc. based in Racine, WISCONSIN (USA). from Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems Product line

  • US Water - Model GX-4050 Series - 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis System

    If you are looking for a high quality 4-stage reverse osmosis system, but don't want to break the bank, then the US Water Systems 4-Stage 50 GPD RO system is the answer. It installs neatly under your kitchen sink, uses all NSF, WQA and FDA Certified components and has a 2-year warranty. Remember this - Most reverse osmosis systems have a 1-Year ...

    By US Water Systems, Inc. based in Indianapolis, INDIANA (USA). from Reverse Osmosis Systems Product line

  • TriSep SB - Cellulose Acetate Blend Membranes

    TriSep SB Cellulose Acetate Membranes offer a good combination of rejection, fouling resistance, and chlorine tolerance. The combination of high chlorine tolerance and smooth surface morphology makes these membranes a perfect fit for applications where biofouling is an issue. TriSep offers SB series membranes in a wide variety of sizes and tube ...

    By TriSep Corporation based in Goleta, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Reverse Osmosis Membranes Product line

  • Premium

    Genesol - Model 30 - Membrane Biocide

    Genesol 30 is a fast acting, broad-spectrum biocide used for cleaning Reverse Osmosis and Nano-Filtration membranes. It can be used both on and off-line to eliminate microbiological fouling. When used in potable water applications, Genesol 30 should be used ‘off-line’. Genesol 30 is also effective in removing biofilm from pumps, tanks ...

    By Genesys International Limited based in Middlewich, UNITED KINGDOM. from Membrane Cleaners Product line

  • Premium

    Myron L - Model RO Meters™ - Reverse Osmosis Meters for Measuring Total Dissolved Solids

    The choice of professionals for years, this compact instrument has been designed specifically to demonstrate and test Point of Use (POU) reverse osmosis or distillation systems. By measuring electrical conductivity, it will quickly determine the parts per million/Total Dissolved Solids (ppm/TDS) of any drinking water. With a single “before ...

    By Myron L Company based in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Portable Water Testing Instruments Product line

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