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  • Multi-Purpose Joint Tape
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    Multi-Purpose Joint Tape

    By CETCO

    SEAMTAPE is a single-sided tape consisting of an aggressive rubber-based adhesive with a durable polyethylene backing and release liner. The inherent adhesive and waterproofing properties of the tape effectively splices ...

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    Accident/Incident Prevention Techniques

    This A-to-Z, hands-on guidebook addresses the responsibilities, principles, tools and techniques involved in accident investigation and loss control. ...

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  • Global Plastic Sheeting

    Global Plastic Sheeting

    Whether it is environmental liners, ground breaking greenhouse covers (roofing) called SolaWrap, anti-static fire retardant plastic, heat shrink ...

  • RootX


    RootX introduced and patented as a root control formula in 1994. RootX was engineered to limit the exposure issues and environmental impacts that ...

  • Pipe Lining Supply

    Pipe Lining Supply

    Pipe Lining Supply is a leader in the distribution of materials and equipment used in the lateral sewer lining business. To meet regional product ...

  • Australian Pump Industries

    The company, popularly known throughout Australia and South Pacific as Aussie Pumps, began trading in 1993 with a clear mission to provide first ...

  • Roto-Rooter Group, Inc.

    Roto-Rooter Group, Inc.

    Roto-Rooter is the largest provider of plumbing and drain cleaning services in North America. Roto-Rooter offers an ever-expanding variety of repair ...