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Sand Filtration equipment for Water and Wastewater

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    Mellegard & Naij - Model ST - Sand Washer

    Selectable agitation technologies. Vibrator, Mixer, Air/water injector. Selectable sand level measuring. Pressure sensor, Load cell, Sonar. Maximum volume and surface enables use as ”combi unit” grit trap. Dry sand feed version. Made of robust thick high quality stainless material. Enclosed, safe & hygienic with easy to open access ...

    By Hydria Water AB based in Borås, SWEDEN. from Sand Washer Product line

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    Mellegard & Naij - Model SA - Sand Classifier

    Modern innovative design on well proven concept. Maximum volume and surface enables use as ”combi unit” grit trap. Sand washing function can be integrated. Easy adaptable screw length, screw type, in & outlet size and position. Made of robust thick high quality material. Enclosed, safe & hygienic with easy to open access doors.

    By Hydria Water AB based in Borås, SWEDEN. from Sand Classifier Product line

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    WesTech SuperSand™ - Continuous Backwash Sand Filter

    The SuperSand™ Continuous Backwash Sand Filter is an up-flow, moving bed filter that is constructed with various media depths for different applications and configurations.

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Continuous Backwash Sand Filter Product line

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    Other Filter Materials

    Silcarbon also provides the following filter materials for water purification: Quartz sand: Filter sand, Anthracite:Filter coal N, Lignite coal: Filter coal H.

    By Silcarbon Aktivkohle GmbH based in Kirchhundem, GERMANY.

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    Eijkelkamp - Model - Ø 20mm Perforated Pipe Pre-Packed

    The quality monitoring well consists of three components: a ready-to-use all-in-one filter pipe, plain pipes with bentonite collar and a sand catcher and is also available in a longer version.

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS. from Ø 20mm Perforated Pipe Pre-Packed Product line

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    Lenntech - Sand Filters / Anthracite Filters

    Depending on the type of water, suspended solids concentration, oil and grease, COD/ BOD, iron contents, sand filters are sized differently, but the basic design data to clarify natural waters.

    By Lenntech Water Treatment based in Delfgauw, NETHERLANDS. from Sand Filters / Anthracite Filters Product line

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    ENTA - Sand Filters System

    Inside the cylindrical steel tank, which is designed as vertical or horizontal according to the necessary capacity, there is found steel plates in which the filter nozzles are installed, gravel bed and filling materials formed to prevent the blocking of the nozzles. The combinations formed of quartz sand and anthracite at adequate grain diameter, ...

    By ENTA Treatment Systems Engineering Contracting LTD based in Seyrantepe-Sarıyer, TURKEY. from Sand Filters System Product line

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    ASTIM - Conventional Pressure Sand Filters

    Pressure Sand Filtration is the most common and most effective method to remove turbidity and suspended solids from water. Pressure sand filter has varied application in the process industries and chemical industries for further chemical treatment of water, drinking water treatment, public health systems and swimming pool water filtration. ...

    By ASTIM A.S. based in Gebze - Kocaeli, TURKEY. from Conventional Pressure Sand Filters Product line

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    Model 10-23 - Sand Collector

    Sand collectors optimize your pump system during well dewatering projects. In addition to the collection and separation of sand present in the groundwater, BBA sand collectors also act as a deaerator.

    By BBA Pumps North America based in Wando, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Sand Collector Product line

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    ASTRASAND®COMPAQT is a new and improved continuous sand filter, developed for different types of water, such as process, waste, surface, cooling and ground water. ASTRASAND®COMPAQT works as a continuous process, in which the filter bed is cleaned during the filtration operation. Interruptions are eliminated through this continuous ...

    By Paques B.V. based in EL Balk, NETHERLANDS.

  • Filter Sand

    Packaging - 50 lb bags. 100 lb bags. Super sacks (3,000 lbs or 4,000 lbs).

    By Filtco Filter Media, LLC based in LOUISIANA (USA).

  • HUADONG Johnson screens

    Johnson screens are used for oil and water exploiting.They consist of V-shape profile wire and the longitudinal support rods. Each intersecting point of these wires is fusion welded,so it has sturdy constriction and good mechanical property.The V-shape section plane can avoid blockage,and make sure of the unimpeded water. The consecutive slot have ...

    By HuaDong Screen Co,LTD based in xinxiang, CHINA.

  • Ceramic Sand Filter

    The Ceramic Sand Filter is made of high grade alumina, rare earth and Kaolin. The sands are particles of ball form. They have many micro-pores, so they have very excellent absorption and impurities /dirt loading ability. The sand particles are touched dots, so they have average and opportune scatter gap. So in working condition, the flow routes ...

    By Tiger Industrial Ceramics Co., Ltd. based in Pingxiang City, CHINA.

  • Model EB 1.10, 1.11 - Cast Steel Sturdy Valves

    Cast Steel Sturdy Valves For larger air volumes, e.g. on sand filters, stainless steel float and lever control the valve shut-off, EB 1.11 with external float, EB 1.20 for maximum air volumes | valve cone with soft or metallic seal | body made of GGG-40, GS-C25 | for contaminated and foaming media, available with various coating types

    By Mankenberg GmbH based in Lübeck, GERMANY. from Cast Steel Sturdy Valves Product line

  • Unifilt - Filter Sand, Torpedo Sand or Coarse Sand

    Filter Sand, Torpedo Sand or Coarse Sand Composed of hard, durable clean siliceous particles free of all mica with an average specific gravity of 2.60 (or more) and shall be in strict accordance with AWWA B100-09 standards. The acid solubility shall be less than 5%. The loss of ignition less than 4%.

    By Unifilt Corporation based in Wilkes-Barre,, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Filter Sand, Torpedo Sand or Coarse Sand Product line

  • Macro Filter

    MACROFILTER is essentially a multi-media filter and is an advanced variant of the pressure sand filter which uses Depth Filtration Technology (DFT) with multiple media types.  MACROFILTER also combines the functional advantages of a Pressure Sand Filter and an Activated Carbon Filter. A unique 4-layer media consisting of Graded quartz sand, ...

    By Morf India Limited based in Mahalingapuram, INDIA.

  • MSF - Multi-Stage Filtration System

    The Multi-Stage Filtration system is a complete pre-engineered package plant incorporating Pre-ozonation, Roughing Filtration, Slow Sand Filtration. The Roughing Filter/Slow Sand Filter is contained in a robust marine grade aluminum container. The Multi-Stage Filtration process was developed with advisory input from some of North America’s ...

    By Ms Filter Systems Inc. based in Newmarket, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Aqua-Clear - Fiberglass Sand Filters

    Designed for drip irrigation systems operating up to 75 psi and 300 gpm, the Aqua-Clear fiberglass sand media filter is ideal for small to medium fields and available in automated or manual options. See operating manual for instructions on assembly and operation.

    By The Toro Company based in El Cajon, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Fiberglass Sand Filters Product line

  • Pumped Polishing Filter Systems

    We supply customised pipework and components for pressurised infiltration systems for sand and soil filters for commercial systems and single houses.  Based on site details provided, we calculate site specific designs with pump capacity, pipe and orifice dimensions.

    By Ash Environmental Technologies based in Wicklow Town, IRELAND.

  • Ceramic Sand Filters

    Ceramic sand filters are doped with rare earth element and processed by mix, shaping and sintering. Ceramic sand filters have great advantages of strong filtering adsorption ability, high strength, low resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, easy to regenerate and long service life etc.

    By Pingxiang Baisheng Chemical Packing Co., Ltd based in Pingxiang, CHINA. from Ceramic Sand Filters Product line

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