Sanitary Wastewater

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  • Stainless Steel Water Accumulator
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    Stainless Steel Water Accumulator

    By SteelTech s.r.l.

    AISI 316L Stainless Steel Water Accumulator for sanitary hot water consumption (Availability: Vertical / Horizontal). Produced in compliance with the laws in force (art. 3, par. 3 of the 97/23 EC PED directive)

  • electrical packages
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    electrical packages

    By Zarin Sanaat Alp Company

    24000s Alp electrical packages:24000s Alp electrical packages: Alp industrial company with resume more than a half century in producing kinds of packages and radiators could produce electrical packages for first time in ...

  • electrical packages 28000
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    electrical packages 28000

    By Zarin Sanaat Alp Company

    28000’s Alp electrical radiator package28000’s Alp electrical radiator package:28000’s Alp electrical radiator package designed for 80 to 100 m2 environments that work with power and can provide 50 to 60 C warm and ...

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    FilterBoxx is a recognized leader in the design and supply of packaged and modular water and wastewater solutions. These include both industrial ...