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  • Working Principle of Screw Press

    Working Principle of Screw Press

    Groundnut oil machine can be divided into two major categories: hydraulic presses and screw presses. The use of hydraulic presses is relatively simple, and the use is very fast, which provides a lot of convenience for our lives, but hydraulic presses the oil output rate is less than that of the screw press, and the power c


  • Sludge Dewatering Machine About to Take Plane

    Sludge Dewatering Machine About to Take Plane

    Thanks to the valued trust of our partner, two lucky sludge dewatering machine with plywood case will take planes to a wonderful land!Screw Press Sludge dewatering, with the compact design and structure, are more and more used into sludge handling ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Ozzy Cup Drum Screen

    Ozzy Cup Drum Screen

    Ovivo’s high performance, low maintenance, elite screening technology. The Ozzy Cup Drum Screen delivers Ovivo`s proven drum screen technology in a small, and in channel design. Ovivo’s Ozzy drum screens are designed to meet the increasing demand for high capacity coarse and fine screening of raw or wastewater coupled with a robust low maintenance operation.