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  • Project WWTW Paper Mill - Case Study

    Project WWTW Paper Mill - Case Study

    Industriewater Eerbeek (IWE) in the Netherlands, is responsible for the purification of the effluent from three different paper mills (approx. 4 million m3 of waste water per year). In summer 2018 IWE experienced a world first with a new decalcification process for reducing the calcium content of the effluent water. Now effluent can be reused as process water in th



    Boston round bottles mostly refer to chemical vessels with small mouth, large body and bottom. They are used for storage of solvents, chemicals or samples. Type III soda-lime glass can be capped or ...


  • LANDY screw pumps for Chile`s capital Santiago

    LANDY screw pumps for Chile`s capital Santiago

    For the largest WWTP in Latin America, Landustrie will supply 5 new Archimedes screw pumps.  These LANDY screws are positioned in the inlet pumping station of WWTP La Farfana to handle some 6 to 7 hundred thousand m3 of wastewater per ...

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  • Sand Classifier

    Sand Classifier

    Sand Classifier SA separates, dewaters & conveys sand and heavy particles from water. Street sand, filter sand and similar materials can be handled.