Scum Removal

Equipment & Solutions

  • Hi-Tech/Hassle Free
    Showcase Product

    Hi-Tech/Hassle Free

    By Brentwood Industries, Inc.

    Looking for a system you can count on? The Hassle-Free package incorporates components that will guard your system against heavy loadings, wear, and ultimately, costly failures. It is designed to provide owners and ...

  • Rotary Scum Skimming Troughs
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    Rotary Scum Skimming Troughs

    By Brentwood Industries, Inc.

    Rotary scum skimming troughs are the most economical method for removing all grease, scum, and other floating materials from the water surface in rectangular clarifiers. Scum troughs can rotate up to 75 degrees both ...

  • Scum Concentrators
    Showcase Product

    Scum Concentrators

    By Envirocare International, Inc.

    EnviroCare`s Saracco Scum Concentrator is designed to enhance wastewater treatment processes and reduce scum handling, disposal and hauling costs. Saracco Scum Concentrators assure better BOD5 and SS capture, more ...

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  • Innovation in scum removal

    Nowadays de-nitrification brings an increasing amount of surface scum to wastewater treatment ...

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Companies & Suppliers

  • Brentwood Industries, Inc.

    Brentwood Industries, Inc.

    Brentwood provides robust and cost-effective solutions to meet the diverse needs of the drinking water and wastewater markets. As a valuable ...

  • Finnchain Oy

    Finnchain Oy

    Finnchain Oy signifies a strong capability in the chain field, for the special support of environmental technology applications. Our main products ...

  • Probig GmbH

    Probig GmbH

    PROBIG has been developing, designing and producing high-quality chain and flight scrapers, DAF separators and API scrapers from high-tech ...

  • Senqcia Maxco, Ltd.

    Senqcia Maxco, Ltd.

    Our company began manufacturing industrial cast chains in 1911 as Tobata Foundry Co. in Japan. In 1956 we became part of the Hitachi group and in ...