Seawater Filtration

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  • Automatic Scraper Strainers
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    Automatic Scraper Strainers

    By Acme Engineering Prod. Ltd.

    Acme Engineering has been manufacturing automatic scraper strainers since the 1980’s. An automatic scraper strainer offers many advantages over backwash strainers (please see the webpage Scraper Strainer vs ...

  • Filter Housing
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    Filter Housing

    By Horizon Water Co., Ltd.

    Rizonflow FRP Filter Housing with its independent unit configuration can be applied according to the site conditions, and it can also provides free combination with reverse osmosis system, which permits effective use of ...

  • SpinKlin Disc Filter
    Showcase Product

    SpinKlin Disc Filter

    By Ecologix Environmental Systems, LLC

    The Galaxy 4 Filter provides efficient and reliable disc filtration technology and is especially suited for pre-filtration for high flow water filtration applications. Modules are groups of filters that backwash ...

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  • Hellan-Strainer Co.

    Hellan-Strainer Co.

    The Hellan Strainer’s unique, patented, self-cleaning design was named after a Norwegian inventor, Haakon Hellan. In 1963, Cleveland Gear Company, ...

  • OWD AS

    OWD AS

    OWD concept is extremely environmentally friendly, using the latest designs and technologies developed in the US and Europe for desalination. Our ...

  • IDE Technologies

    IDE Technologies

    A world leader in water treatment solutions, IDE specializes in the development, engineering, construction and operation of enhanced desalination and ...

  • AQUAtechs Srl

    AQUAtechs Srl

    AQUAtechs is a turn-key plants supplier in the water treatment, seawater and brackish desalination plant, ultrafiltration, potabilization and any ...

  • Tua Engineering Ltd.

    Tua Engineering Ltd.

    Tua Engineering Ltd. is a small European company specialised in Water Treatment with a particular emphasis on seawater filtration for membrane ...