Septic Tank Treatment

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Case Study - Isle of Wight (UK)

    Case Study - Isle of Wight (UK)

    The isle of Wight Council look after the Castlehaven Coastal Protection scheme in the Niton area of the island. They were having trouble with the ground water contamination, possibly from the septic ...


  • Water and Sanitation in Latin America Today

    Across the region, today’s Latin America is experiencing water and sanitation problems. Although the region is highly urbanized, half of Latin America’s residents still are not connected to a sewage system. Nearly a quarter have no piped ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Septic Sludge Screening System

    Septic Sludge Screening System

    HUBER provides complete systems and processes for septic sludge screening and treatment. Our equipment, as proven during many years of experience, is especially suited for septic sludge treatment. Hundreds of ROTAMAT® plants for septic sludge treatment have been installed worldwide.