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  • A new solution for biosolids (sewage sludge)

    A new solution for biosolids (sewage sludge)

    It’s becoming increasingly difficult to dispose of biosolids (sewage sludge) in a safe and cost-effective way. The Dryclone® Air Drying System offers an efficient, safe, and low-cost solution that’s aligned with the future of biosolids usage. The Dryclone efficiently removes moisture content from biosolids, reducing t


Equipment & Solutions

  • Immersion Water Quality Analyzer

    Immersion Water Quality Analyzer

    WDet-5000UVI is the first full-spectrum (200-800nm) immersion UV water analyzer at home. With features of delicate and convenient structure, plug and play, auto cleaning function, it can be widely applied to measure indexes including COD, BOD and turbidity in surface water, underground water and municipal sewage.