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  • Strainer & Dirt Separator

    Strainer & Dirt Separator

    Strainers, dirt separators and backflow preventers are designed to prevent impurities from entering the specified pipe section. Comparing these three types of products, we can analyze from the following points: first, flow resistance. Many manufacturers tend to ignore this point and push the performance of the product to push the product's practicality. However, if the flow resistance fails to ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Band Screens For Advanced Water

    Band Screens For Advanced Water

    Screening is essential to many industries. Brackett Green CF100 band screens offer the highest screening efficiency due to our patented technology, which eliminates hair-pinning, with zero carryover. The free-standing unit uses a single motor, reducing power consumption and it`s easy to install. Where screening to 2mm, 3mm or 5mm and flow requirements is from 50 to 1,500 L/s, CF100 band screens ...