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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Drill Pipe Magnetic Flux Leakage Detector MFL-308

    Drill Pipe Magnetic Flux Leakage Detector MFL-308

    Specifications: diameter Φ73 / Φ89 mm, length 9.6m or soDetection speed: 6-20 m / minAcceptance criteria: American Petroleum Institute API testing standardsThe main detection principle of the MFI magnetic flux leakage pipeline inspection method is that the workpiece is magnetized (close to saturation) to have a certain magnetic flux density to generate a leakage magnetic field at th

  • Refurbished Concrete Mixer Truck

    Refurbished Concrete Mixer Truck

    Remanufacturing is the process of revitalizing old machinery and equipment. It takes old machine equipment as blank, adopts special craft and technology, a new manufacture is carried out on the basis ...


  • NEC Nightingale Hospital

    NEC Nightingale Hospital

    Doing our Bit – The fight against Covid-19Technolog Group are proud to confirm that we have been involved in supporting and providing products and services to the NEC Nightingale Hospital. We were commissioned to supply and install a number of ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Camera Nozzle System

    Camera Nozzle System

    The KleenSight Camera Nozzle offers our customers the ability to clean sewer and storm lines while recording upright image video. Only a jetter hose connection is required, no cables or wires. Videos files are stored onboard and automatically date and time stamped for easy Wi-Fi downloading to mobile phones, tablets and computers. Videos can be emailed or sent to the cloud for sharing with ...

Upcoming Events

  • The Water Expo 2020 (9th Edition)

    The Water Expo 2020 (9th Edition)

    TWE is a major trade show and conference presenting equipment, technologies, products & know-how for the WASTEWATER, SEWER INFRASTRUCTURE, ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES, PORTABLE SANITATION, WATER QUALITY & HIGH PRESSURE industries. By ATTENDING The Water Expo you can: - meet major suppliers - get the best deals - increase your professional value - connect with innovation - scout ...