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  • What is a volatile organic compound (VOC)?

    What is a volatile organic compound (VOC)?

    Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) include a wide range of both natural and synthetic substances. VOCs are chemical compounds – mixtures of more than one element – where one of the elements is carbon. They are described as volatile because they evaporate easily, releasing molecules into the atmosphere. VOCs ...

  • Are our Water Systems at Risk?

    Assessing the Financial Sustainability of BC’s Municipal Water and Sewer Systems Reliable water, sewer, and storm water systems are essential to public health, a clean environment, and a ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Push-Fit Non-Return Valve

    Push-Fit Non-Return Valve

    Mains sewage backflow prevention valve. Fits into existing manhole. DIY solution. Single flap valve can be manually locked shut.