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RoeVac - Vacuum Sewer Systems

by Roediger Vacuum GmbH     based in Hanau, GERMANY

High groundwater table, low population density, flat terrain (lack of natural slope); unfavourable soil conditions like sandy, unstable or rocky ground are the ideal circumstances to use RoeVac® vacuum sewer systems. In areas along rivers, lakes or coasts as well as in water protection zones, vacuum sewer systems are often the only choice. ...

KA-TE - Model DN 250/600 - Grinding Robot

by KATE PMO AG     based in Altendorf, SWITZERLAND

Pipe diameter: 250-800 mm. Length: 865 mm. Grinding power: 5 kW. Extension of the milling head: 110 mm. Weight: 78 kg. Pressure rollers for sewers up to DN 450.

Sewer Bypass

by BakerCorp     based in Shafter, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The diagram below shows a typical sewer bypass situation where one or more priming-assisted pumps take suction (pulls a lift) out of one sewer manhole and pumps the sewage into another manhole down the street.

CSO Treatment Shafts

by Echelon Environmental     based in Markham, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The Treatment Shaft Technology is ideal for CSO Applications. CSO Treatment shafts can be built using various methods such as slurry wall, diaphragm wall, sinking caisson, tangential pile, secant pile, and sheet pile. The technology provides disinfection contact time, vessel flushing, air venting, odour control, surge control, skimming, settling ...

Model Pressure-Pro - Cold Water Gas Driven Jetter Trailers

by Ultimate Washer Inc     based in Jupiter, FLORIDA (USA)

2800-3500 PSI (depending on model). 5.5-12 GPM (depending on model). 18-30 HP Electric Start Gas Engine (depending on model). Full Sized Battery and Marine Battery Box. Industrial General Pump with ceramic plungers and stainless steel valves (5 Year warranty). Pump Mounted Jetter Pulse Valve. Foot Valve with 8 Foot Jumper Hose. Poly Chain or V ...

KASAG Sewer - Sewer Heat Exchanger

by KASAG LANGNAU AG     based in Langnau i.E., SWITZERLAND

The sewage in the sewer is used as a source of energy. The heat exchanger elements are subsequently installed in existing or new sewers. Heat is extracted or carried away by means of the heat exchanger area that is flowed over by the sewage.

Vacuum Sewers

by Flovac     based in Venray-Oostrum, NETHERLANDS

Enter the 21st century. Typically vacuum systems are found in area’s where it has been too hard to install a gravity sewer. Today you can also see them being used to supplement overburdened gravity sewers in fast growing towns and cities, or in area’s which succumb regularly to earthquakes, typhoons and hurricanes. They won’t be ...

Hawkeye - Model 2i/s - Sewer Level Monitoring

by IETG (Integrated Environmental Technology Group)     based in Leeds, UNITED KINGDOM

IETG successfully launched HΛWKEYE in 2004 as a proven and unequalled solution designed to reduce pollution incidents and improve management of sewerage networks. Water companies across the UK and Europe have been enjoying the benefits of the HΛWKEYE system, which has grown to play a fundamental role in their waste water /CSO ...

IPEX TerraBrute - Model CR - Engineered For Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

by IPEX     based in Verdun,, QUEBEC (CANADA)

4' - 12' (100mm - 300mm). Engineered for Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and other trenchless applications, TerraBrute CR is a 100% non-metallic, AWWA C900 PVC pressure pipe system. Non-corroding and installation friendly, TerraBrute CR allows you to standardize on PVC throughout your potable water and sewer infrastructure. Whether ...

BIOGEST AG - Model Type MF - Vacuum Flushing System with Energy

by BIOGEST AG     based in Taunusstein, GERMANY

Storm tanks or sewers require cleaning after operation during storms due to the sediment deposited on the tank or sewer floor once the storm has subsided. If the system is not cleaned the potential for blockages is increased and malodours will occur due to septicity. The BIOGEST-flushing-system is an ideal solution to the problem.

SPOR - Model MM12X400, Series - High Pressure Sewer Cleaning Hoses

by Piranha Hose Products, Inc.     based in Cadillac, MICHIGAN (USA)

High Pressure Sewer Cleaning - Applications for commercial, industrial and residential. Tight Pipe Bends - Slick, Slither® cover affords an easier handling hose to get the job done.

Model CPW 1/2HP - Sewage Pump

by Champion Pump Co‎     based in Ashland, OHIO (USA)

The CPW 1/2HP Utilizes a High Efficient Oil filled PSC Motor with upper and lower ball bearings. The CPW5 has a Inboard Seal designed for Sewage. SSPMA Certified.

Model PFA - Tank Pumps

by Hydro-Vacuum S.A.     based in Grudziądz, POLAND

The PFA pumps are immersible, single-stage rotary pumps equipped with a single-sided centrifugal rotor. The pumps are designed to pump water, polluted liquid, faeces, and liquid manure, the density of which should not exceed 1100 kg/m3, the viscosity of which should not exceed 13 mm2/s, and precipitated fibre the length of which should not exceed ...

Sewer Non-Return Valves

by Aquobex     based in WATFORD, UNITED KINGDOM

Our range of NRVs includes the unique flusher available in PVC as a DIY installation device, or in custom-made, stainless steel solutions for on-site installation into main water company sewers. Produced in a variety of sizes from 1.25”/1.5” for domestic sinks, washing machines and similar, the NRV ranges from 100mm to 375mm versions ...

WaStop - Check Valve for Waste Water and Storm Water Sewers

by MTA Messtechnik GmbH     based in Veit an der Glan, AUSTRIA

WaStop prevents flooding and sewage odour spreading in pipes. WaStop check valve is built into a pipe and can be installed in the majority of pipe systems. WaStop can be mounted in any position from horizontal to vertical. The check valve is constructed from a rubber membrane which stops reverse flow. When the flow is in the right direction the ...

Sewage Pumping Station

by Hydro-Vacuum S.A.     based in Grudziądz, POLAND

In areas unequipped with collective gravitational sewage system, because of unfavourable land form, geological composition of the land (watercourses) or dispersed buildings, pressure sewage system is constructed, which consists of a watertight tank, a pump, a control system and pressure fixtures. A pressure sewage system is comprised of individual ...

Sewage Pumping Station with Separation of Solids

by Hydro-Vacuum S.A.     based in Grudziądz, POLAND

One of the main and most persistent problems that occur in sewage pumping installations is the presence of solids. Regardless of the kind of pumps used, there is a constant risk of clogging of the pumps' hydraulic system, which causes an emergency in the pumping station. Especially troublesome are here solid elements in the form of strings, rags, ...

BIOGEST AG - Model Type KS-OF - Flushing Gates without Energy

by BIOGEST AG     based in Taunusstein, GERMANY

Storm tanks or sewers require cleaning after operation during storms due to the sediment deposited on the tank or sewer floor once the storm has subsided. If the system is not cleaned the potential for blockages is increased and malodours will occur due to septicity. The BIOGEST-flushing-system is an ideal solution to the problem.

BIOGEST AG - Model Type KS - Flushing Gates with Energy

by BIOGEST AG     based in Taunusstein, GERMANY

The BIOGEST- Flushing System Type KS consist of one or more gates, manufactured from stainless steel (AISI 304 or AISI 316Ti) in several sizes. The principal parts of the system consist of the following: the gate, the gate frame, the gate lock, the hydraulic-cylinder, the hydraulic-power pack and the BIOGEST-control panel.

Vac-Con - Combination Sewer Cleaning Machine

by Vac-Con, Inc.     based in Green Cove Springs, FLORIDA (USA)

The Combination Machine has a hydraulically operated front mounted hose reel with polyethylene water tanks and a high capacity water pump.

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