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Sewer Flow Monitoring (Sewers) equipment available in Singapore

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    OTT HACH Flow - Model Flo-Dar - AV Sensor

    Hach Flow’s FLO-DAR AV Sensor is a non-contact sensor designed to measure flow in open channels using radar technology with patented algorithm’s to capture highly-accurate flow data. HACH Flow’s non-contact FLO-DAR AV Sensor revolutionizes open-channel flow monitoring by measuring from above the surface, using advanced radar ...

    By The OTT Hydromet Group based in Kempten, GERMANY. from Water Flow Product line

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    OTT HACH Flow - Model Flo-Tote 3 - AV Sensor

    Hach Flow FLO-TOTE 3 AV Sensor is a submerged electromagnetic flow sensor, ideal for measuring flow in clean to lightly polluted water or low velocities. Hach Flow’s Flo-Tote 3 AV Sensor measures flow velocity and level with an extremely high-level of accuracy, as proven through extensive testing by independent flow laboratories. And our ...

    By The OTT Hydromet Group based in Kempten, GERMANY. from Water Flow Product line

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    Grande - Model ACU-FLO - Balance Regulator System

    The ACU-FLO Balance Regulator System is designed to maintain a constant and accurate flow (+/- 5%) from a minimum of 16 gpm (1 L/s) to a maximum of 4 000 gpm (250 L/s) for upstream water levels varying from 0 to 40 feet (12 m). The ACU-FLO balance regulator has been used for flow control in combined sewer systems (CSO), sanitary sewer systems ...

    By Grande Water Management Systems based in Laval, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Flow Regulation Product line

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    OTT Hach - Model 9000 - Submerged Area Velocity (AV) Sensor

    The Hach Submerged AV Sensor is a robust, submersed Area Velocity Sensor with proven acoustic doppler measuring technology. When combined with the Hach FL900 Flow Logger it makes a flexible and powerful portable flow monitoring system, providing accurate measurements under a wide range of flow and site conditions. With a suite of user-friendly ...

    By The OTT Hydromet Group based in Kempten, GERMANY. from Water Flow Product line

  • UNI-TRANS - Stationary Universal Flow Monitor

    The Uni-Trans is a universal monitor interfacing with multiple sensors and/or sensor combinations using up to 4 RS-485 digital serial interfaces for Raven-Eye and Flo-Sonic Transit-Time Sensors. One of the serial interfaces can also be configured for Modbus RTU protocol. The Uni-Trans allows real-time connection to our 123Flow.com Internet ...

    By FLOW-TRONIC S.A. based in Welkenreadt, BELGIUM. from Open Channel Flow Meters Product line

  • Model 2100 Plus - Sewer Vacuum Truck

    Less Fuel, More Power. Less Water, More Work. Vactor made fuel efficiency a top priority - saving fuel saves money. They have achieved the seemingly impossible by designing a machine that offers you more power while providing up to 34% better fuel economy. Taking a huge step forward, the 2100 Plus manages to generate additional power from the ...

    By Jack Doheny Supplies based in Northville, MICHIGAN (USA). from Vactor Sewer Cleaners Product line

  • ECHO - Level Monitor for Overflow Prevention

    The new ECHO monitor from ADS provides utilities with an economical level monitoring solution providing early warning of preventable blockages; such as fats, oils, and greases (FOGs); root intrusion; silt/sediment; and debris. It is a self-contained, wireless sewer level monitoring solution that alerts operators via text or email messages when ...

    By ADS Environmental Services based in Huntsville, ALABAMA (USA). from Level Monitors Product line

  • Model RTQ-2000 - Portable Flow Logger & GPRS Transmitter

    The RTQ-2000 is a Real Time Portable Flow Logger & GPRS transmitter connecting directly to the Open Channel Non-Contact RAVEN-EYE Radar Velocity flow sensor. The RTQ-2000 has the capacity of transmitting the flow data, raw level, velocity, temperature from most manholes without special manhole cover into the Internet using GPRS data ...

    By FLOW-TRONIC S.A. based in Welkenreadt, BELGIUM. from Open Channel Flow Meters Product line

  • Model RTQ-1000 - Flow Logger and GPRS Transmitter

    The RTQ-1000 ATEX Logger is a Real Time Flow Logger and GPRS transmitter for the non-contact radar A/V sensors. It is a revolutionary device connecting directly to the non-contact Open Channel Radar Area/Velocity Flowmeter. The RTQ-1000 ATEX Logger is ATEX certified, this allows it to be used in hazardous areas ZONE 1. The unit can also accept a ...

    By FLOW-TRONIC S.A. based in Welkenreadt, BELGIUM. from Open Channel Flow Meters Product line

  • BIOGEST AG - Model Type PAS - Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) System

    By design combined sewer System carry both rainwater and sewage in a common pipe. During periods of heavy rainfall the capacity of the System can be exceeded and an Overflow ist required to prevent surcharge of the System. The Overflow is known as combined sewer Overflow (CSO). The Overflow Event can discharge untreated effluent form the CSO ...

    By BIOGEST AG based in Taunusstein, GERMANY. from Coarse Solids Retention Product line

  • IPEX - Model Neutrasystem 2 - pH Monitoring, Recording & Alarm System

    Neutrasystem 2 continuously samples the Neutratank downstream flow while keeping an accurate, permanent record of pH discharge levels. This ensures that discharges into the sewer system are maintained within acceptable pH parameters.

    By IPEX based in Verdun,, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Acid Waste Systems Product line

  • JetCam - Model 40 PRO - Digital Camera System

    Digital camera system in one wire technology. A supplementary cable or wire beside the hose is not needed. The Jetcam 40 Pro is a very efficient system for unblocking. Before and after the unblocking, this system serves as sewer cleaning system. It is equipped with a high performance camera for having an ideal optical orientation while the several ...

    By Optronic based in Waltenhofen, GERMANY. from JetCam Series Product line

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