Sewer Pipe (Sewers) equipment in Europe

  • METROMAX - Sewer Pipes - Heavy-Duty

    High-quality materials and an optimal manufacturing process are self-evident factors for the optimal sewer pipe production. Formed parts come along, without which the practical and economic use would not be possible. Branch pipes, fitting pieces and elbow pipes are additional and indispensable system components. They are subject to the same ...

    By METROMAX PRC GmbH & Co. KG based in Bad Oeynhausen, GERMANY.

  • Sewer Pipes And Joints

    Vargokal sewer pipes and joints are made from polypropylene, and are used for home sewer system and wastewater drainage, in a wide variety of types and dimensions. Positive characteristics of polypropylene are high mechanical resistance, high fusion point (185 °C), perfect shape stability and high resistance to chemicals.

    By Vargon d.o.o. based in Kukuljanovo, HUNGARY.

  • Profileen - Model P Series - Sewer Pipes System

    Pipes for gravity sewer in the sewage technology ask for a high chemical resistance against aggressive liquids and a high ring stiffness against outside loads. It was in 1956 when bauku entered the market with the first innovation: A pipe system made from polyethylene high density and an outside profile for more stability. Since 2008 we use as the ...

    By bauku Troisdorfer Bau- und Kunststoff GmbH based in Wiehl, GERMANY.

  • POLYCRETE - Polymer Concrete Sewer Pipes

    Corrosion resistance, high load bearing capacity and diffusion tightness are the main features of the polymer concrete sewer pipes. The pre-assembled GRP insert couplings ensure quick and easy installation of the 3 m long pipes. Like all other MEYER products these pipes are continuously improved and monitored for quality. They ensure reliable ...

    By meyer-POLYCRETE GmbH - Meyer Rohr & Schacht GmbH based in Lueneburg, GERMANY.

  • HeatEco - Model C30V108 - Vertical Sewer Pipes

    HeatEco C30V108 is designed for vertical sewer pipes of big apartment houses. It will be installed in the basement of the building and all the waste water from the house can be lead through it. In a house with several entrance halls a heat exchanger should be installed in all vertical sewer pipes in order to maximize the saving of energy. The heat ...

    By Green Idea Ltd. based in Tallinn, ESTONIA.

  • Robukan - Model SMR - Sewer Pipe System

    Sewer pipe system for municipal and domestic property drainage in the gravity system. Perfectly matching components and distinctive installation markings for wastewater or stormwater offer the perfect solution for each installation.

  • Hobas - Sewer Pipe Life Cycle Cost

    The most frequent method used to decide among various acceptable product alternatives for new sewers is an installed cost comparison. The results of such a restricted focus determination may be misleading since, the installed cost evaluation ignores many other costs which may occur during the lifetime of the sewer. A true cost comparison must also ...

    By Hobas Pipe USA Office in FRANCE.

  • PP Master - 3 Layer Sewer Pipe System

    The new standard in sewer construction. A powerful piece of the future: PP Master, a 3-layer sewer pipe system especially designed for public domestic water engineering made of polypropylene (PP). The combination of proven materials and innovative production technology sets the new standard in sewer construction.

    By Pipelife International GmbH based in Wien, AUSTRIA. from Civils Products Product line

  • Sewer & Pipe Cleaning Nozzles Stainless Steel

    Long-lived sewer and pipe cleaning nozzles with key surface at the connection piece. They are suitable for removing mud deposits and obstructions.

    By Brendle GmbH based in Hülben, GERMANY.

  • egeplast - Model SLR - Communal and Industrial Sewers Polyethylene Pipe System

    The egeplast SLR module can be used to economically renovate defective communal and industrial sewers by means of short-pipe relining. This is characterised by a high degree of environmental and cost awareness; since rehabilitation is generally from manhole to manhole, there is no need or only a limited need to break up road surfaces and for soil ...

    By egeplast International GmbH based in Greven, GERMANY. from Sewage (Gravity Pipes) Product line

  • Blu Sewer - Evolution System

    Blu Sewer Evolution is a system made up of a PVC pipe and the pre-fitted heat-sealed gasket Sewer Lock. The PVC pipe is made from OBS, free of heavy metals and compliant with the most stringent standards on the main European markets to guarantee maximum respect of the environment. The Blu Sewer Evolution pipe uses a socket fitting with ...

    By Faraplan S.P.A. based in Fara Vicentino, ITALY. from Sewers Product line

  • Pipes for Pressure Sewer Systems

    Used for pressure and automatic sewers. Pipes are manufactured according to the requirements of GOST 18599-83 of premium (PE-63, PE-80) high density low pressure polyethylene approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Diameters of the pipes do not exceed 630 mm, the pressure does not exceed 10 atmospheres. Pipes are black with longitudinal ...

    By Planet Plastic based in Irpen, UKRAINE. from Pipes Product line

  • Short-Pipe Relining System

    This technology, employed in the non-accessible diameter range, uses short PE-HD or GRP pipe modules which are passed through existing manholes and installed in the defective line.  Installation through existing manholes. Annular grouting with special compound.

    By Arkil inpipe GmbH based in Hannover, GERMANY. from Sewer Lines Product line

  • Ring Jet Nozzles

    This hardened steel Nozzle for general cleaning will convince through its high performance. The specific pattern of the jets provides optimum cleaning of the pipe walls free of streaks you therefore can achieve very good results in fatty sewers. This nozzle has a high power to push it forward and is also suitable for water-recycling.

    By Aquapower Waterjet Technology based in UNITED KINGDOM. from Sewer and Pipe Cleaning Product line

  • Bomb Nozzle

    Our classic Bomb Nozzle: proven and reliable. Heavy sewer cleaning nozzles for heavily soiled large sewers. Cleaning of the inner surface of the pipe. Direction of the water flow leads to increased thrust. Two different jet angles allow an optimum thrust and cleaning performance. The Bomb Nozzles are made of the material 16MnCr5 and are hardened. ...

    By Aquapower Waterjet Technology based in UNITED KINGDOM. from Sewer and Pipe Cleaning Product line

  • egeplast - Model SL - Sewer System

    The egeplast SL sewer system is based on a smooth-walled, solid wall pipe made from polyethylene with bright, inspection-friendly inner surface. This innovative pipe system is characterised by high service life, reliability and extremely low installation, operating and servicing costs. egeplast offers all system components from one hand. All ...

    By egeplast International GmbH based in Greven, GERMANY. from Sewage (Gravity Pipes) Product line

  • Sewer and Drain Pipe Programme PE

    In the sewage construction an important and usage oriented innovation is emerging with the moulded fit-tings made of polyethylene (PE). Now, complete sewage pipelines made of polyethylene can be prepared with this new programme. This omits the time consuming and expensive individual constructions and is re-placed with more efficient and cost ...

    By HakaGerodur based in Gossau SG, SWITZERLAND. from Piping Systems Product line

  • Model PE - Sewer and Seepage Pipe Fitting Programme

    Sewer and seepage pipes are used in real estate and house drainages and in the removal of surface water.

    By HakaGerodur based in Gossau SG, SWITZERLAND. from Piping Systems Product line

  • PVC Sewage Pipes

    Compact PVC pipes without heavy metals.The rubber ring gasket has a high annular rigidity, up to 8KN/m 2 and the use of a pre-inserted ring (when the pipe is still hot) called POWER LOCK R, allows to use this pipe in all industrial and civil sewage, both for sewer, white and mixed waters.

    By LA.RE.TER. s.p.a. based in Fiesso Umbertiano (ROVIGO), ITALY. from Pipes Product line

  • CamMobile Compact

    This basic device is a compact model and, like its big brother CamMobile Profi II, it is compatible with all CamMobile reels and camera heads. The basic unit also contains an elaborate software according the Kummert type, can be operated easily without keyboard or mouse and records the damage including the text flash on a memory card. The software ...

    By Kummert GmbH based in Gerolzhofen, GERMANY. from Pipe Inspection & Sewer Inspection System Product line

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