Sludge Disintegration

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  • Pipeline Macerators
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    Pipeline Macerators

    By Bellin S.p.a

    Pipeline Macerators  are designed to fit into the suction line of raw sewage or sludge pump, homogenizing the medium to improve downstream process, whilst protecting high performance pumps from tramp and ...

  • High-Output Ultrasonic System
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    High-Output Ultrasonic System

    By SONOTRONIC Nagel GmbH

    SONOTRONIC`s High-Output Ultrasonic Reactor increases the efficiency and yield in the treatment of biosolids. They can be adapted to almost all sizes of plants, thanks to the modular structure of the ultrasonic systems. ...

  • Waste Water Treatment Plant
    Showcase Product

    Waste Water Treatment Plant

    By Weber Entec GmbH & Co. KG

    The expectation of operating waste water treatment plants as energy-independently as possible increases the pressure on local authorities and plant operators, not just financially, but increasingly also politically. ...

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    K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. is an engineering-supplier company focused in the long term on comprehensive services and deliveries serving to plan and protect ...

  • WEDECO  - a Xylem brand

    WEDECO - a Xylem brand

    Wedeco was founded in 1976 in Herford, Germany to develop chemical-free and environmentally friendly water treatment technologies, including ...