Sludge Disintegration

Articles & Whitepapers

  • High dry solids digestion

    High dry solids digestion

    Abstract Digestion of sewage sludge normally takes place at pH values between 7,0 and 7,5. Control methods of the process stability are based on practical experience such as the ratio of volatile fatty acids (VFA) and total alkalinity (TA). Thermal sludge disintegration for an enhanced digestion process allows a digester feed with higher dry solids concentrations. This is due to an open


  • Biogest receives order for crown disintegration system

    The City of Visalia, California, USA has set the goal to improve energy efficiency and lowering operational cost of its Water Conservation Plant. In a competitive bid BIOGEST has been awarded to deliver the CROWN disintegration system in order to ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Efficient and Low Cost System for the Thermal Disintegration

    Efficient and Low Cost System for the Thermal Disintegration

    The LysoTherm™ process is an efficient and low cost system for the thermal disintegration of organic sludge. Flexible and versatile, the LysoTherm™ process can be used for the thermal disintegration of excess sludge (pre-configuration) and for the conditioning of digested sludge (looped configuration). Anaerobic Digestion is highly dependent upon effective sludge mixing. ...