Sludge Handling Downloads

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    OSE II refinery information

    ?????????????????????OIL?SPILL?EATER?II?helping?refineries?reduce?the?bottom?line?cost?associated?with?spill,?while?performing?safer?more?complete?permanent?clean?ups?with?out?hauling?the?problem?off?some?where?else?to?be?addressed?later????????????? ...

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    Oil / Water Separator Brochure

    WesTech Oil/Water Separators; Designed according to the American Petroleum Institute (API) 421, WesTech Oil/Water (O/W) Separators combine state-of-the-art separation, skimming and sludge transport technologies into a highly efficient primary oil separation ...

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc.

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    AltaFlo™ Ultra High-rate Thickener

    The AltaFlo™ ultra high-rate thickener is a rake-less thickener that provides mixing, flocculation and internal dilution, followed by clarification and positive sludge collection and removal, all in a single tank. The principles of dewatering have been further optimized to a new design that thickens slurries at an even higher rate than a typical high-rate ...

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc.

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    Sludge Sucker Brochure

    The Sludge Sucker™ sludge removal system collects sludge in surface water applications and effectively removes light sludges such as alum or ferric hydroxide or light iron and manganese precipitates in potable water ...

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc.

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    Model EX - Sludge Receiver Datasheet

    Robust innovative design from quality stainless materials. Selectable screening separation. Preferably self cleaning Cross Screen. Selectable screenings treatment. Wash Press, Screw Press, Ram Press. Alternative tank configurations. Integrated stone trap conveyor, Truck compressor air evac. Enclosed, safe & hygienic with easy to open access doors. ...

    By Hydria Water AB

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    EWT - Trac-Vac Sludge Collector For Water Treatment Brochure

    EWT™ Trac-Vac® Sludge Collector Versatile sludge removal system for new and existing clarifiersHow we create value• Low cost rapid installation in a fraction of the time required by alternate systems• Flexible retrofit solutions reduce capital costs• Suitable for any rate and variable deposition patterns• Reduced maintenance requirements and costsKey features & benefits• ...

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    Sludge handling

    Watson-Marlow SPX80 pumpsimprove system performance atWelsh Water’s Queensferry STWValue for lifeTwo Watson-Marlow Bredel SPX80 hose pumps have beeninstalled at Welsh Water’s Queensferry STW in Wales, significantlyimproving system performance at the site.THE CHALLENGEQueensferry STW Site manager, David Holthöfer, is responsible for a number ofsites in the area. Although several of these sites ...

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    High Efficiency Odour Control for Sludge Driers - White Papers

    This paper summarizes ERG’s experience of supplying odour control for sludge dryers, sludge pasteurizers, sludge lime stabilization and biogas treatment and indicates areas for ...

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    Belt Driers and Coolers

    Belt Driers and Coolersfor high continuous load1320-Trockner-10e27.5:Trockner-9d17.12 27.05.2010 13:53 Uhr Seite 1Oat bran Wood shavings,wood pelletsKAHL belt units for drying and coolingIf KAHL belt units are used for cooling,cooling is obtained by two physicalprocesses:¦ Convection cooling = heat exchange between product and air¦ Evaporative cooling = removal of water from the ...

    By Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG

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    Increased Renewable EnergyReduced Biosolids VolumeTechnology for Enhanced Anaerobic Digestion of Municipal and Industrial SludgeTurbocharge Your DigesterThe Pathogen-free nutritious biosolids product can be used as organic fertiliser in agriculture, or as soil improver BIOSOLIDS BROchuRE www.cAMbI.coMUnleash the Power of Anaerobic Digestion cambi Thermal Hydrolysis Sludge Pre-treatmentCambi’s ...

    By Cambi Group AS

  • Accel-o-Fac - Zero-to-Low Energy Wastewater Treatment System Brochure

    Accel-o-Fac is a zero-to-low energy wastewater treatment system requiring no sludge handling and utilising wind energy. In many cases, there is little in the way of ongoing operating ...

    By Gurney Environmental Ltd.

  • Leopold - Model CT2 - Submerged Sludge Collector Brochure

    By simplifying the water treatment process, Xylem’s Leopold CT2 sludge collection system increases plant efficiency, and reduces both maintenance time and total system operational costs. Xylem's Leopold CT2 submerged sludge collector systems have quietly done their job, delivering reliable operation, low maintenance costs, and good sludge production in hundreds of facilities ...

    By Leopold - a Xylem Brand

  • Leopold - Model Clari-Vac - Floating Sludge Collector Brochure

    Xylem’s Leopold Clari-Vac floating sludge collector removes material faster – up to 12 fpm, produces a higher solids content, lowers sludge disposal costs, drastically reduces power costs, and virtually eliminates maintenance. Clari-Vac sludge collector has proven to be energy efficient. In fact, it uses up to 80% less power than other system. The simple, but rigid construction of the ...

    By Leopold - a Xylem Brand

  • Model SDK & SDK-B - Sludge Screw Conveyors Brochure

    Sludge screw conveyor is designed for transport of sludge and substances of a similar nature. SDK is most often used in waste water treatment plants when removing sludge after machine dewatering on filter presses and centrifugal separators. Dewatered sludge is transported by conveyor screws to a dump, trailer or ...

    By Fontana R, s.r.o.

  • TRAILVAC - Vacuum Trailer Jetting Systems Brochure

    TRAILVAC is a customized vacuum trailer for cost-efficient removal and transport of sludge and other liquid ...

    By AquaTeq Sweden AB

  • Non-Metal Sludge Collector - Brochure

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    By Linkon Technology Inc

  • ROTOPUMP - Progressive Cavity Sludge Pump Datasheet

    The ROTOPUMP is a progressive cavity type pump with a single-shaft, turning eccentrically. It is composed of a rotor and a stator as shown in the following figure. The rotor is made of metal with a circular cross section, while the stator is composed of elastic material with a long circular cross section. The rotor is inside the stator. When the rotor rotates, liquid between the rotor and stator ...

    By Pro-Equipment, Inc.

  • Model PRO-MIX - Submersible Mixer Datasheet

    PRO-MIX submersible mixers are used for mixing of various liquids including sludge homogenization and suspension of bottom sediments. They prevent sediments and/or floating layers and create flow velocity to transport ...

    By Pro-Equipment, Inc.

  • Sludge Containers- Brochure

    Ideal for the transport of sewage  sludge. Equipped with  a revolving waterproof  door, and  roof with seals,  and   manual hydraulic ...

    By Gillard S.A.S.

  • Model Z3900 - Surface Sludge Scraper- Brochure

    The Zickert Surface Sludge Scraper Z3900 is developed to efficiently remove surface sludge and allows only a minimum of transport water to accompany the sludge. The scraper consists of a traverse bridge hanging in carrying beams over the tank. The scraper blade is attached to a sledge, which is powered by a pull rod and runs with step-by-step movements in the traverse bridge. Only the scraper ...

    By Nordic Water Products AB

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