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  • Particle settling with lamella clarifiers/ tube settlers

    Particle settling with lamella clarifiers/ tube settlers

    Watch video tutorial here: in water and waste water accelerate towards the tank bottom as long as the gravity force is bigger than the sum of all drag forces. The settling velocity of the particle is Vs = H/t. In reality the settling velocity is never constant as ot


  • Construction of Agadir Desalination Project

    Another international pumping project for the Spanish dewatering company Ferrer S.L. The construction of World’s largest sea water desalination plant in Agadir is on track. The new plant will offer drinking water for the people of Ctouka Ait ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Screens and Headworks

    Screens and Headworks

    Pre-Treatment refers to all the machines needed for the screening of course particles in order to leave only degradable substances for a proceeding treatment process.

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  • Ecomondo - 2020

    Ecomondo - 2020

    An international exhibition with an innovative format that brings together all sectors of the circular economy in a single platform: from material and energy recovery to sustainable development.

EkoSfera 2020

Oct. 20rd - 20th | POZNAŃ