Sludge Management equipment for Water and Wastewater in British Columbia

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    Geotextile Dewatering Bags

    Dewatering Bags are manufactured from both Woven and Non Woven geotextile material sewn together to form  a particular shape designed for strength and de watering ability.  Dewatering bags or filter bags and are referred to as a bag because of their shape and smaller size.

    By SPINPRO Office in Chilliwack, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Dewatering Tubes Product line

  • VERTAD - Auto-Thermophilic Aerobic Sludge Digestion Process

    NORAM’s patented VERTAD system is a proprietary, auto-thermophilic aerobic sludge digestion process.

    By NORAM Engineering and Constructors Ltd. based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Biosystems Group Product line

  • Electrocoagulation Device

    Electrocoagulation applies an electric current to dissolve a sacrificial anode (aluminum or steel) to coagulate poorly soluble contaminants from wastewater. Wastewater flows between the anode and the cathode, so the wastewater becomes part of the electric circuit as electricity flows from the anode to the cathode.

    By Muddy River Technologies Inc based in Delta, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • USBF - Upflow Sludge Blanket Filtration System

    USBF is a patented technology recognized by many industry experts as the best biological wastewater treatment technology. In 2006, Frost & Sullivan rated it as a leading technology and in 2002, the University of California, Davis gave it the highest ranking of biological processes out of the almost 70 systems it studied. More recently, in ...

    By Alpha Wastewater, Inc. based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Hayward Gordon - Model STP - SmartFlex Pumps

    Hayward Gordon SmartFlex pumps are available in both high and low pressure designs. The SRP and LRP series pumps are fitted with roller technology that reduce hose stress and provide substantially increased hose life, don’t require lubrication and consume less energy than the shoe type technology. Excellent for pressures up to 116 PSI.

    By Hayward Gordon Ltd. Office in North Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Pumps Product line

  • Trident - Screw Press

    The Trident screw press is purpose built, durable, robust and efficient to dehydrate pre-thickened dairy manure to a maximum of 75% solids. The screw press uses a simple stainless steel auger and shaft assembly running in Tivar 88 liner that reduces component wear and extends operating life. The thickened manure is compressed and dehydrated ...

    By Manure Systems Inc. based in Abbotsford, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • USBF - Upflow Sludge Blanket Filtration

    ECOfluid’s proprietary USBF technology delivers high treatment efficiency, including biological nutrient removal (BNR), with very competitive capital and operating costs. The technology and components can be delivered as self-contained package plants or site constructed for larger capacity installations. The high treatment efficiencies of ...

    By Ecofluid Systems Inc. based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • ECOfluid - Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) / Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge (IFAS)

    ECOfluid provides two fixed film wastewater treatment processes: Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) and Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge (IFAS), both of which are suitable for the upgrade of existing systems, or construction of new plants. The processes utilize media to provide a large surface area for the biomass to attach and grow in a ...

    By Ecofluid Systems Inc. based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Tigerfloc - Tube and Dewatering Bag System

    A new water treatment alternative that is being used very successfully on many construction sites now is the combination of a Tigerfloc Belt that is placed inside of a small mixing tube, which then empties out into a micro-pored dewatering bag. The Tigerfloc Belt and dewatering bag combination work well almost immediately; however, this new system ...

    By Floc Systems Inc. based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • BioMaxx - Package WWT Plants & DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) Systems

    BioMaxx Wastewater Solutions provides a complete line of wastewater treatment equipment including pre-screening technologies, biological treatment, liquid/solids separation systems, dewatering equipment and instrumentation & controls to operate all of these unit processes. These technologies incorporate the latest advancements in the industry ...

    By BioMaxx Wastewater Solutions Inc. based in Delta, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Trident - Model KDS - Separator

    The Trident KDS separator incorporates a unique material separation technology and offers a very effective alternative to conventional solid/liquid separation systems. Slow moving concentric discs gently move the material through the separation surface achieving high capacities and excellent capture rates. This provides a very ...

    By Manure Systems Inc. based in Abbotsford, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • BioSolids Management - Activated Sludge Return Process

    NOMADIC mobile sewage treatment systems typically include an automated activated sludge return process to maximize biological degradation of the biosolids and sludge.

    By Nomadic Systems based in Langley, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Sewage Treatment Product line

  • BTP Wastewater Package Plants

    The Sapphire Biological Treatment Process (BTP) wastewater package plants provide superior effluent. For 10 people to 20,000 people; 4 to 14,000 cubic meters per day, environmentally friendly - low energy, less chemicals, no surplus sludge, easy and low cost maintenance, low operational costs, portable and easily expandable, superior quality ...

    By Sapphire Group Office in West Kelowna, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Gamajet - Model 10 - Tank Cleaning Machine

    There is a Way to Clean Your Underground Storage Tanks The Gamajet X is the first, and only, automated tank cleaning machine capable of getting 100% of residual fuel, dirt and sludge out of underground storage tanks.Designed to fit through standard UST inlets, the new lightweight unit is fluid driven and requires no external power supply to clean ...

    By Gamajet Cleaning Systems Inc. Office in Coquitlam, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Gamajet Large Tank Cleaners Product line

  • Dewatering/Silt Bag

    The Dewatering  Bag is a geotextile filter bag for removing silt from water. It is designed to filter water as it is pumped from a storage site, removing hazardous materials such as silt before they can damage the environment. The silt bag is an economical choice for preventing costly clean up of a storm water system. The potential liability ...

    By West Coast Spill Supplies Ltd. based in Saanichton, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Drain Protection & Stormwater Control Product line

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    AIRE-O2 Triton TR Series - Pulp and Paper Aerator Mixer

    Pulp and paper mills produce large volumes of wastewater and residual solids, presenting a number of issues in relation to wastewater treatment, discharge, and sludge disposal.

    By Aeration Industries International (AII) Distributor in Delta, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Surface Aeration Solutions Product line

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    Star Filters - Model Tabletop SBT-1 - Bench Top Plate and Frame Filter

    This filter boasts many features including a filter area of 43.29 in2 and a sludge capacity of 13.53 in3, #316 stainless steel construction, and manual bypass loop arrangement. Other details include precision-machined plates, frames, and heads.

    By The Hilliard Corporation - Star Systems Filtration Division Distributor in BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Filter Presses Product line

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    Hilliard Star PolyPresses - Model SPP-5 - Durable Filter Presses for Efficient Dewatering

    Star Filters developed the Star PolyPress to meet the growing needs for low-cost, dependable filter presses designed to dewater wastewater sludges as well as process slurries. Over 100 years of experience in manufacturing filter presses and doing business with industrial end users have enabled us to create a dewatering filter press that is second ...

    By The Hilliard Corporation - Star Systems Filtration Division Distributor in BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Star Filters - PolyPresses Product line

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    Model BS-924 - Drain & Grease Trap Additive-Live Bacteria-Ready to Use (Case 12-1 QT)

    BS-924 Drain & Grease Trap Additive is a ready to use drain and grease trap additive. It contains thousands of active bacterial cultures that, once introduced into your system, digest fats, grease, oil and organic residue. This natural degradation of 'system sludge' leaves your drains and grease traps running smooth and odor free! Since BS-924 ...

    By Simple Solutions Dist. LLC Distributor in Richmond, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Accessories - Additives Product line

  • FUSION - Model HV ISO - Drinking Water Tanks

    HV ISOFUSION is the premium grade of the ISOFUSION range.  Combining the commercial benefits of ISOFUSION® glass and the established confidence associated with high voltage testing.  Delivering a high grade zero discontinuity coating for optimum protection in specific areas of application which is defect free at test voltage.

    By Permastore Limited Distributor in Richmond, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

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