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Sludge Pumping Equipment

  • V-RAM - Sludge Ball Valves

    The special designed sludge ball valves have been proven reliable and have a history of longevity. The sludge ball valves have a self-cleaning action for rags and other materials which would normally block other types of valves. The V-RAM ball valves have been used in municipal sludge cake pumps for over 30,000 hours with no design or wear ...

    By Olson Mfg, LLC dba V-RAM Pumps based in Albert Lea, MINNESOTA (USA). from Sludge Pumps Product line

  • Salvador - Sludge Pump

    Based on the same basic design as the drainage pumps, the sludge pumps come into action when the liquid gets dirtier than can be handled by the drainage pumps. The design even permits converting between drainage and sludge models allowing you to adapt the pump according to the varying conditions.

    By Aquatech Pumping Solutions based in Dehradun, INDIA. from Sludge Pumps Product line

  • Premium

    Portable Sludge Pump - Biosolids Transfer Pump

    Years of experience in the field of Wastewater Treatment led HTI to develop their own exclusive portable sludge / biosolids transfer pump, and now it is available to you. These biosolids transfer pumps are portable - able to be hauled on a trailer with a 3/4-ton pickup truck. This portable sludge pump features a high-volume agitation rate, and is ...

    By LLC based in Sahuarita, ARIZONA (USA). from Wastewater Product line

  • ROTOPUMP - Progressive Cavity Sludge Pump

    The ROTOPUMP is a progressive cavity type pump with a single-shaft, turning eccentrically. It is composed of a rotor and a stator as shown in the following figure. The rotor is made of metal with a circular cross section, while the stator is composed of elastic material with a long circular cross section. The rotor is inside the stator. When the ...

    By Pro-Equipment, Inc. based in Waukesha, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • KSA - Mobile Sludge Dewatering Unit

    The first KSA mobile sludge dewatering unit was build in 1978 by Simon Moos Maskinfabrik A/S. The principle behind the MOOS KSA system is “volume reduction”. Simon Moos realising that an average tanker load of sludge contained a high percentage of water which was needlessly being transported to the waste water treatmentplant, Simon ...

    By Simon Moos Maskinfabrik A/S based in Sønderborg, DENMARK.

  • Schwing Bioset - Model KSP - Piston Pumps

    Originally designed to pump concrete, the Schwing Bioset piston pumps adapt easily to the rigors of wastewater treatment plant service with a proven history of reliability and ease of maintenance. Many units have operated continuously for years with 99% availability.Schwing units pump dewatered biosolids from Belt Presses, Centrifuges, Plate and ...

    By Schwing Bioset, Inc. based in Somerset, WISCONSIN (USA). from Municipal Pumps Product line

  • V-RAM - Sludge Pumps

    The V-RAM Sludge Pumping Systems are designed for high pressure, high volume and high abrasive sludge pumping 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Sludge Pumping Systems are used to move sludges with a 12 to 55% solid ratio with pumping volumes ranging from 1 GPM to 428 GPM. Each system is completely designed for particular application and ...

    By Olson Mfg, LLC dba V-RAM Pumps based in Albert Lea, MINNESOTA (USA). from Sludge Pumps Product line

  • Model ER4-H - Sludge and Slurry Pump

    ER4-type centrifugal sludge and slurry pump driven by an hydraulic motor suited for flexible use in different environments and application areas.The ER4-H pump is by default equipped with a special chopper impeller with intake screw and tungsten carbide edges. Organic fibres are cut between the impeller and intake ring.

    By Euro-P Kleindienst GmbH based in Bad Schwartau, GERMANY. from Hydraulic Motor Pumps Product line

  • DRAIMAD/TEKNOBAG - Bags Dewatering System

    The DRAIMAD / TEKNOBAG bags dewatering system was developed for municipal and industrial waste water plants less than 3.000 people equivalent (p.e.). Waste water plants of this size normally only have the option to dispose of waste at very high cost. This economical technology can dewater up to about 160 kg dry solids of municipal sludge per day. ...

    By EKOFINN Wassertechnik GmbH based in Lotte, GERMANY. from Sludge Dewatering Product line

  • Premium

    Biosolids Transfer Pump

    The pump is backed up to the pump-out opening with a vehicle (can be tractor or pickup). Recommended size of opening is 4' x 6' for ease of lowering pump.

    By LLC based in Sahuarita, ARIZONA (USA). from Pumps Product line

  • Sludge Hydraulic Cylinders

    Our Sludge Pumping Systems utilizes two standard type hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic cylinders are connected together at one end with hydraulic lines, so that when one cylinder is extended the other is forced to retract. The cylinder balance is monitored and maintained by the control system and a simple control valve. The monitoring is ...

    By Olson Mfg, LLC dba V-RAM Pumps based in Albert Lea, MINNESOTA (USA). from Sludge Pumps Product line

  • Model TOP - Submersible pumps

    The stainless steel submersible pumps from the TOP 71 range are especially suitable for handling clean, clouded or slightly contaminated water, for example swimming pool water, ground water, rainwater and clarified sludge. All wetted parts are made from stainless steel 1.4301. The non-return valve is included in delivery.

    By SPECK Pumpen Verkaufsgesellschaft GmbH based in Neunkirchen am Sand, GERMANY. from Domestic Technology Product line

  • Pumpex - Model SP 10-14, SPS 30-80 (50 Hz) - Sludge Pumps

    Trouble free and safe handling; Pumpex pumps are equipped for immediate use. The slim design, encapsulated motor and no external moving parts makes installation and operation easy and safe.

    By Pumpex based in Johanneshov, SWEDEN. from Sludge Pumps Product line

  • Solid - Sludge Pumps

    The Solid pump excels in applications where reliability and easy handling are essential. Like its drainage equivalent, Mini, it is built to handle contaminated water, pH 5-8, and water containing relatively abrasive solids up to the size of 38 mm.

    By Aquatech Pumping Solutions based in Dehradun, INDIA. from Sludge Pumps Product line

  • Model BBA B - Sludge Pump

    The B range of pumps have been designed with a clear focus on reliability, efficiency and durability. Featuring an open impeller configuration in combination with a changeable wear plate, facilitating servicing and minimising costs of spares. All B series pumps are fitted with a non return valve in the suction port, eliminating the need for a foot ...

    By Heide Pumpen GmbH based in Gelsenkirchen, GERMANY. from BBA-B Sludge Pumps Product line

  • Salvador - Submersible Sludge Pumps

    With the market launch of the new submersible sludge pump range in April 2008 GRINDEX was the trend-setter for the application of modern sludge pumps. The GRINDEX-engineers have chosen a very high aim in the developing of the new range of sludge pumps. Beside the usual configuration of GRINDEX – pumps (air-valve, ...

    By HÜDIG GmbH & Co KG based in Celle, GERMANY. from Dewatering- Submersible Sludge Pumps Product line

  • Model AVC/EOD/DOD - On-Site Dewatering Unit

    Realising that the average sludge contained a high percentage of water, which was needlessly being transported for disposal at the local waste water Treatment works, Simon Moos decided to develop an on-site system that would take the treatment works to the sludge and the AVC & DOD/EOD where born. The principle behind the MOOS AVC/EOD/DOD ...

    By Simon Moos Maskinfabrik A/S based in Sønderborg, DENMARK.

  • OdaLock - Model SRT855 - Sludge Reduction Technology

    OdaLock™ SRT855 Sludge Reduction Technology is a 100% natural and environmentally safe ultra concentrated blend of oxidizers, micro- and macro-nutrients and microbial catalysts specifically formulated for use in CAFO’s to reduce odor emissions, foaming, crusting, flies and liquefy sludge. Available in 5 gallon, 55 gallon and 300 gallon ...

    By Applied Remediation, llc based in Sioux Falls, SOUTH DAKOTA (USA).

  • Cuve - Model 1200 - Water Tank Trailer

    Transports 18 to 22 m3 of material by trip, associating a water tank trailer to your jitter vehicle. The central axle trailer conception will facilitate your maneuvers and access to difficult sites.

    By Gourdon Trailers based in Aire-sur-Adour, FRANCE. from Environment Trailers Product line

  • Model EPP - Pneumatic Pumping Stations

    The first Polish Device for pumping sewage with compressed air that fulfils the European Standard EN 12050-1.

    By EkoWodrol Ltd based in Koszalin, POLAND.

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