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Sludge Treatment equipment for Water and Wastewater available in North Dakota

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    FAST - Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment System

    The patented FAST Process stands for 'Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment', a fixed-film, aerobic treatment system designed for tackling variable load and flow conditions. Proven in thousands of installations worldwide, FAST consists of tankage packed with completely submerged media. The FAST media creates a high surface area-to-volume ratio, which ...

    By Smith & Loveless Inc. based in Lenexa, KANSAS (USA). from Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment System Product line

  • Model HD-12-SS - Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender

    Munson has been manufacturing high performance ribbon blenders, paddle blenders and plow blenders since 1960, and has most likely solved a horizontal blending problem precisely like yours numerous times. From sanitary blenders for labs, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and food producers to robust, super-duty machines for soil reclamation, building ...

    By Munson Machinery Company, Inc. based in Utica, NEW YORK (USA). from Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender Product line

  • Model CVC-DC-TC - Closed Settling Tank

    Dehydration or thickening of sludge from primary and secondary treatments.

    By Salher based in Madrid, SPAIN. from Closed Settling Tank Product line

  • Kemira KemiCond - Sludge treatment

    For superior dewatering performance. A well executed water conditioning stage to minimize sludge volumes paves the way for a successful dewatering. Handling sludge in a sustainable manner reduces volumes, decreases costs and makes the sludge odourless and hygienised. Kemira knows how to help the customers to manage this with the support of the ...

    By Kemira Water Solutions, Inc. based in Atlanta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Sludge treatment Product line

  • Neutralac - Model Q SR - Quicklime

    Neutralac Q SR is a special quicklime developed by Lhoist which allows for a delayed increase in the temperature (exothermic reaction between lime and water) when mixed with the liquid or solid effluent. Moreover, it allows for a rapid increase in pH when combined with the effluent. It is a ready-to-use white powder effective directly in its dry ...

    By Lhoist Group based in Limelette, BELGIUM. from Quicklime Product line

  • SIMPEC - Sludge Treatment System

    Simpecprovides sludge treatment systems coming from waste water treatment processes or from other workmanships.

    By SIMPEC S.r.l. based in Nova Milanese (MB), ITALY. from Sludge Treatment System Product line

  • Model KD 21 - Liquid Polyring

    The Polyring KD 21 adds liquid polymer to the sludge before the drainage takes place and is mainly used when the SS > 1%. The Polyring consists of a welded hollow profile with holes on the inside, and an injection nozzle attached in the direction of the flow. The polymer is added through the holes as well as the injection nozzle. When the ...

    By Danish Wastewater Equipment A/S (DWE) based in Vejle, DENMARK. from Liquid Polyring Product line

  • CompReactor - Model WWTP - GAH - Industrial Treatment Plant

    Proper treatment and disposal of used water from an activity (especially from some specific industries) is essential to prevent adverse environmental impact and to ensure compliance with specified emission limit values.

    By GAH Global based in Germasoyia, CYPRUS. from Industrial Treatment Plant Product line

  • KLAWA - Sludge Treatment Plant

    Mechanical devices often remove water from sewage sludge so that it can be sent for recycling or disposal. Solid matter levels of about 25-30 % are achieved, but can go as high as around 60 % when biological dewatering is used, for instance on reed beds. A universal sludge treatment solution does not exist so tailored concepts are needed for this ...

    By KLAWA Anlagenbau GmbH based in Gudensberg, GERMANY. from Sludge Treatment Plant Product line

  • Magnum - Sludge Treatments Plant

    Perfect for very large plants specialized in aggregates, earth and gravel treatment in quarries and mines. Magnum 2000×2000. It is named after the Latin word for Magnificent, because it is our top-of-the-range machine, created for and completely dedicated to every kinds of applications in quarries and mines, that is to say for areas where ...

    By Matec S.r.l. based in Massa (MS), ITALY. from Sludge Treatments Plant Product line

  • AWAS - Model TS - Dewatering Container System

    Sludge is continuously taken out of the sludge trap and dewatered through a filter cloth. With the addition of polyelectrolyte, the sludge drains better, thus reducing the volume. The separated water flows back into the sludge trap for further treatment. Option: A heating system in wintertime avoids freezing.

    By AWAS International GmbH based in Wilnsdorf, GERMANY. from Dewatering Container System Product line

  • Model CVA-DC-TC - Open Settling Tank

    Dehydration or thickening of sludge from primary and secondary treatments.

    By Salher based in Madrid, SPAIN. from Open Settling Tank Product line

  • Flygt - Model 4650 - Compact Mixer

    Flygt compact mixer components have not only been engineered for reliable operation and efficient mixing, but to reduce energy costs as well. Xylem's Flygt squirrel-cage induction motor is manufactured for durability and dependability. Stator windings are trickle impregnated in resin and rated at Class H 180 degrees C (355 degrees F) for excellent ...

    By Xylem, Inc. based in Rye Brook, NEW YORK (USA). from Compact Mixer Product line

  • Sludge Treatment Plants

    Waste treatment creates refinery sludge, which is condensed and dried mechanically or thermally. In certain cases the sludge is decomposed after being condensed. The volume of sludge decreases during decomposition and its drying properties improve. Decomposition creates biogas, which contains 60-67% of methane, with the rest being carbon dioxide. ...

    By Econet Ltd based in Helsinki, FINLAND. from Sludge Treatment Plants Product line

  • Model AF - Submersible Flowmakers

    Flowmakers are used in waste water treatment, namely in nitrification, denitrification, activated sludge treatment and disinfection tanks. These mixers are also applied in industrial mixing, chlorination tanks and digesters of biogas plants used to homogenize, destratify and prevent formation of surface hardpans. The slow rotation of blades, ...

    By SCM Tecnologie based in San Giorgio (MN), ITALY. from Submersible Flowmakers Product line

  • AWAS - Model BWA - Band Filters

    The band filter works either as a freestanding system to separate particles from the water flow, or in addition to a complete treatment plant for sludge dewatering. Automatically operated gravity band filter with automatic take in and transport of filter cloth.

    By AWAS International GmbH based in Wilnsdorf, GERMANY. from Band Filters Product line

  • Montealto - Sludge Treatment Plants

    Montealto is building sludge treatment plants with a capacity of 250,000 tonnes/year. Incineration, gasification and pyrolysis are used to transform sludge into energy. In this field, the company has built the Punto Limpio de Conil, a waste management centre in Conil de la Frontera.

    By Montealto based in Córdoba, SPAIN. from Sludge Treatment Plants Product line

  • KERBER - Mobile Complex of Tank Cleaning Systems

    Light and heavy oil and reservoir cleaning and washing systems Kerber. The mobile system Kerber is designed for cleaning and washing from oil sludge and other sediments tanks used for storing heavy and light oil and petroleum products. Kerber was designed based on UOG-15 series oil sludge treatment complexes. Our company produces a line of these ...

    By NPO Dekanter, LLC based in Domodedovo, RUSSIA. from Mobile Complex of Tank Cleaning Systems Product line

  • AlmAqua - Model WWTP - Decanting Aerobic Digestion System

    Engineered in High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), are intended for all kinds of treatment ofdomestic and industrial wastewaters. From small houses to large house settlements – up to 1,200 inhabitants. Our WWTP, depending on the model, reach treatment efficiency values up to 97% with water recyclingpossibilities.Our WWTP are manufactured in ...

    By AlmAqua – Environmental Technologies based in Verdizela, PORTUGAL. from Decanting Aerobic Digestion System Product line

  • Intereco - Model EM/BSB/BTB/BKB - Manual and Automatic Polyelectrolite Preparation Units

    Manual and Automatic polyelectrolite preparation units, complete with one (EM), two (BSB) or three(BTB) tanks, connected with a siphon system, to realise an ageing on FIFO basis; the two tanks are used for powder dissolution (a 700 rpm propeller mixes water with polyelectrolite) and for solution storage. Up to 30 Kgs/hr in 8 different models; For ...

    By Intereco S.n.c. based in Scalenghe (TO), ITALY. from Manual and Automatic Polyelectrolite Preparation Units Product line

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