Water & Wastewater Software in Europe

  • ArcGIS for Maritime

    ArcGIS for Maritime is part of the ArcGIS system to solve problems and gain efficiencies for ocean, marine, hydrographic, and related business. It enables organizations to manage data, products, services, workflows, and quality. The system enables efficiency for interacting with large volumes of maritime related information, products, and ...

    By Esri Office in UNITED KINGDOM. from ArcGIS Solutions Software line

  • EDigitizer - Map Digitizer, Graphic Object Digitizer

    Are you looking for a tool to classify land use types and patterns, determine the size of a parcel of land, house plans, a watershed, a pond, length of a river, a road, ...any type of surface area, boundary, path... ? EDigitizer is for you. You just give one known distance and your own measurement unit from the list EDigitizer will do the rest to ...

    By Hydroxpert Technology based in Meylan, FRANCE.

  • Version TRCALCON and MONTECARLO - Calibration And Parameter Otimisation

    After constructing a groundwater model the validity of calculated results are usually checked by comparing them with field data. In order to achieve maximum validity (high similarity between the calculated and observed results) the parameters used in the model have to be optimised. This optimisation of parameters is also called calibration of the ...

    By Triwaco based in Maastricht, NETHERLANDS.

  • Business Process Management [BPM]

    Each day presents a new set of challenges and risks for companies operating in a fast-changing marketplace. Market pressures and changing business needs demand a fundamental shift in the way companies approach business processes. They must streamline these processes in order to quickly respond to changing market conditions.

    By SoftExpert Office in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • RECY MULCO - Container and Fleet Management Software

    RECYMulco handles all logistic requirements of a recycling business. An intelligent despatching process with graphical presentation of unscheduled and scheduled orders is the heart of the system. With drag and drop method, new orders can easily be despatched. Changes to existing runs can be done just as simple.

    By Recy Systems AG based in Unterschleissheim, GERMANY.

  • Rivo - Advanced & Predictive Analytics Software

    Rivo Advanced & Predictive Analytics is a sophisticated, yet user-friendly multi-dimensional analysis platform that enables users to slice, dice, drill-down, adjust, trend and plot operational risk and performance data at will, following a fully transparent, intuitive and sequential process. Dashboards are easily configured to show real-time ...

    By Rivo Software Ltd. based in Warwick, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • CoDiS - DM On-Line Diagnostic Machine Condition Monitoring

    CoDiS DM is diagnostic part of the system and is used to create history database of all measured values and created events. System is based on Windows OS and server PC using SQL database. In this way, the system creates a database of each measured signal continuously while in operation constantly obtaining data from RT unit. Diagnostic monitoring ...

    By Veski ltd based in Zagreb, CROATIA.

  • noise3D - Noise Management Suite

    noise3D enables commercial and industrial users to assess noise levels with the latest available propagation programs, without having to purchase expensive software. Instead, the 3D modeling software  Trimble SketchUp is used as an interface. You can use your own planning documents, such as scanned maps for digitization, or transfer data from ...

    By Sonja Christiansen Informatik GmbH (SCI) based in Sankt Augustin, GERMANY.

  • Hydrograv Proload.cfd

    hydrograv proload.cfd: Comprehensive support in design of secondary settling tanks and optimisation by CFD-simulations. Our software hydrograv proload.cfd is an expert system for the design and optimisation of secondary settling tanks. It distinguishes itself by taking the interaction with the aeration tanks into account. Tanks to be newly built ...

    By hydrograv GmbH based in Dresden, GERMANY.

  • GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite

    Bentley GEOPAK is a family of integrated civil design and engineering software ideally suited to civil engineering and transportation projects of all types. Developed and supported by practicing civil engineers and professional surveyors, GEOPAK applications offer a plan-production focus that enables engineers to concentrate on delivering ...

    By Bentley Systems Incorporated Office in UNITED KINGDOM. from Civil Software line

  • Orbit Gesture-Based Exploration

    Orbit uses gesture-based interaction to enable people to virtually browse products & service offerings.

    By YDreams based in Caparica, PORTUGAL.

  • Spaix Quick & Easy

    Spaix Quick&Easy is a powerful program at a reasonable price featuring the pump selection and performance curves management. The product was especially developed for small and medium-sized companies looking for a solution to manage their performance curves and the pump selection without having to implement a complete pump configuration and ...

    By VSX-Vogel Software based in Dresden, GERMANY.

  • CPTest - Acquisition Software

    CPTest forms the Windows based CPT acquisition software recorded with the Geomil GME 500 data acquisition systems, both for the 19' industrial built-in as well as for the portable IP 65 version. The application provides a versatile and easy to use recording tool for mechanical as well as electrical Cone Penetration Tests (CPT) and Piezocone Tests ...

    By Geomil Equipment B.V. based in MC Moordrecht, NETHERLANDS.

  • NOVEDA - Version EnergyFlow CXL - Capex Lens Platform

    EnergyFlow CXL (Capex Lens) tracks electricity use on a load-by-load, or alternatively, on a tenant-by-tenant basis. Customers can use the sub-metering with CXL for tenant sub-billing, to track return on capex, and for measurement & verification (M&V) credits for LEED certification.

    By NOVEDA Technologies, Inc. Office in Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Energy Management Software line

  • TransSolar - Version TRNSYS - Universal Tool for Climate Engineering

    TRNSYS is a complete and extensible simulation environment for the transient simulation of thermal systems including multi-zone buildings. It is used by engineers and researchers around the world to validate new energy concepts, from simple solar domestic hot water systems to the design and simulation of buildings and their equipment, including ...

    By Transsolar Energietechnik GmbH based in Stuttgart, GERMANY.

  • energyTRADE - Advanced and User-friendly Software Tool for Planning and Optimisation

    energyTRADE is an advanced and user-friendly software tool for planning and optimisation of the daily operation of any type of energy plant – including CHP, solar thermal, heat pumps, PV’s, electric chillers and much more. The software is tailored to the needs and requirements of the specific plant, and it allows the operator to easily ...

    By EMD International A/S based in Aalborg Ø, DENMARK.

  • Version DIGEDIT - Graphical Input

    DIGEDIT is used to define the geometry of the finite element- or finite difference grid and to create maps for a variety of input parameters. The module is normally launched from the user interface but also works as a seperate program. When used from the user interface the file names that are needed for assigning parameters are automatically ...

    By Triwaco based in Maastricht, NETHERLANDS.

  • RealEnergy Smart Energy Software

    Invoice control with RealEnergy; RealEnergy is a component of the Smart Energy Software. RealEnergy is a user-friendly application to register, monitor and manage your energy streams.

    By I-Real based in Terborg, NETHERLANDS. from Energy Management Software line

  • Interfacing

    Two Fold Software offer a range of interfacing solutions to allow you to integrate Qualoupe LIMS with your laboratory instruments and other business systems. Interfacing to your LIMS system can offer one of the quickest return on investments (ROI) of any aspect of a LIMS solution. While there is a clear gain to be made in terms of the speed of ...

    By Two Fold Software Limited based in Aylesbury, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Systematic Optimisation with Serial Simulations

    If hydraulic simulations are conducted to optimise a planned or an operating tank as a service, as it is the case up to now, it has to be decided whether average or maximum loadings are chosen. The consideration of average values allows to predict the behaviour during normal operation but no information is gained about what conditions can arise at ...

    By hydrograv GmbH based in Dresden, GERMANY.

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