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Solar Water Pumps equipment for Water and Wastewater

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    Fluence AuraAER - Solar-Powered Floating Fountain

    Combining Function and Form to Provide Energy-Efficient Aeration of Residential and Commercial Ponds. The AuraAER solar-powered floating fountains provide an environmentally friendly solution to distribute oxygen, reduce odors, control algae formations, protect against fish kill, and aid in the natural cleansing process of freshwater ponds, all ...

    By Fluence Corporation based in White Plains, NEW YORK (USA). from Aeration Equipments Product line

  • Submersible Solar Pumps

    Submersible solar pumps use solar energy to pump and transport water. It is a pump that is immersed in water. It is the most attractive water supply method in the sun-rich regions of the world today, especially in remote areas that lack electricity and electricity. It is mainly used for domestic water supply, agricultural irrigation, garden ...

    By Zhejiang Dingfeng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. based in Wenling City, CHINA.

  • Greensun - Domestic Water Solar Powered Water Pump

    DC Solar water pumping system including dc water pump ,solar module ,MPPT pump controller ,solar mounting brackets ,dc combiner box and related accessories . Daytime , solar panel array provide power for the whole solar water pump sytem operating ,the mppt pump controller converts the direct current output of the photovoltaic array into ...

  • Hober - Model HSPLXXXX Series - Led Type - Intelligent & Automatic Solar Pumping Inverter

    LED Display Type: Convert the DC power of solar array into AC power to the water pump. Soft start and Variable Frequency drive the pump. Second Generation of MPPT Function: Automatic /don’t need set MPPT voltage by LCD/LED. Efficiency is Max to 30% higher than the inverter who need to set the MPPT voltage,  more output water flow. One ...

    By Hober Technology Co., Ltd. based in FoShan City, CHINA. from Solar Pumping Inverter Product line

  • Sunmoy - Model FS3 - Solar Water Pump

    Solar water pump could work without batteries, and pump water at daytime automatically when there is sunshine.

    By Sunmoy Technology Co., Ltd. based in Zhoukou City, CHINA.

  • SPI-110KW - Model SPI-110KW - Solar Pumping Inverter

    Adopting the proposed dynamic VI maximum power point tracking (MPPT) control method & optimized SVPWM; fast response and stable operation; and the conversion efficiency achieves of 99.9%.

    By Zhejiang Sandi Electric Co.,Ltd based in Yueqing City, CHINA. from Solar Pumping Inverter Product line

  • Solaropia - Model SPI-W Class - Solar Deep Wells Pumping Systems

    SP-W class offers Solar system to operate all types of Deep-wells pumps. Models are available to power up to 500 hp pumps to supply water from wells up to 1500’ (500 m) head and at 1500 GPM (400m3/h) . SPI-W systems can operate Off-grid in rural areas (farms, oil fields, village’s water treatment plants), and in Hybrid mode using solar ...

    By Solar Opia based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Solar Pumping Systems (SPI-Class) Product line

  • Solar Pumping System

    A PV solar pumping system activates a small pump station using solar lumiére as a driving force and a pumping tool composed as follows : 1. Tank 2. Photovoltaic panels 3. Converter 4. Pump 5. Counter.

    By IFRISOL based in Enfidha, Tunisie, TUNISIA.

  • GD-FLEX - Twin/Single Pre Insulated Solar Hose

    GD-FLEX pre insulated solar hose only require 1 step to finish the Solar Water Heater Pipe Installation.

    By Golden Century Technology Co., Ltd based in QingHe, Haidian District, CHINA. from Solar Hose Product line

  • Model USST 260 - Solar Mobile Pump

    USST Mobile Solar Pumps are currently used for flood relief, irrigation, watering livestock and providing drinking water. Solar water pumps do not need fuel or an electrical outlet for water transfer, only the power of the sun. The solar pump is a flexible, environmentally friendly, one of a kind solution.

    By Unconquered Sun Solar Technologies Inc. based in Tecumseh, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Other Products Product line

  • Sectional bolted water tank made of galvanized steel

    Tanks made of galvanized steel “Donskoy 1st” are modular (sectional) and have all advantages of modular water tanks. Panels are jointing with bolts, which provide large compressive force, “Donskoy 1st” tanks are assembled using frameless technology. Sheets of panels lie overlap. Main scopes for these water tanks are using as fire tanks, as ...

  • Variable Speed Pumps

    Aquatec variable speed pumps are offered in 3-chamber and 5-chamber models. These pumps allow for constant pressure across multiple outlets via integrated electronic controls. Eliminates the need for pressurized tanks and pressure switches. Our patented 5-chamber diaphragm and piston design allows these pumps to operate at exceptionally quiet ...

    By Aquatec International, Inc. based in Irvine, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Model P118330 - Direct-Drive Solar Pump with Brushed DC Motor

    The Direct-Drive Solar Pump™ (model: P118330) is the largest Solar Pump™ and features a brushed DC motor, differential temperature controller, and a standard size pump head (model: BP330). Flow rates range from 2.0 liters/minute (0.5 USGPM) to 12 L/m (3.2 USGPM). Available in 12 & 24 VDC configuration.

    By Thermo Dynamics Ltd (TDL) based in Dartmouth, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA). from Solar Pumps Product line

  • High Tide Technologies - Model HTT-2100 - Communication Device

    Thanks to its 8 digital inputs, 4 analog inputs and 8 digital outputs the HTT-2100 can turn on/off remote pump stations based upon remote tank readings or by a simple input by an operator using the TelemetryVIEW web interface. Automatic or manual is always an option for the operator and can be changed at any time.

    By Atookoo inc. based in Sherbrooke, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Solar Powered Water Pump

    Our solar powered water pumping system provides an economic solution for fulfilling the water needs across India’s many market segments. The most significant, immediately realizable benefit is the reduction in fuel/electricity costs. Ideal uses for the solar powered water pump would be for pumping water in rural, off-grid locations – ...

    By Kirloskar Integrated Technologies Limited based in Kothrud, INDIA. from Solar Energy Product line

  • Model 3KW-9KW series - Solar Pumping Inverter

    Solar water pumping system is constructed with solar panel array,solar pump inverter and AC water pump, DC current produced from solar panel will be delivered to solar pump inverter,and it will convert it into AC current to drive water pump,and will automatically regulate output frequency according to sun radiance intensity,maximally realize MPPT ...


  • Anti-Vortex Winter Watering System

    Working with Mother Nature, this system is designed to water 1-500 animals in winter without frost issues.  Incorporating gravity, solar power and geo-thermal heat into the design allows for trouble free use.  All water is stored below the frost line in a wet well located next to water source.  Sundog Solar has released a new RWB ...

    By Sundog Solar based in Bowden, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Model 550 - Demand/Delivery Diaphragm Pumps

    Aquatec’s 3-chamber and 5-chamber diaphragm pumps are used for a variety of water delivery applications. Commonly used either to pressurize water from an atmospheric tank, to deliver purified water to a specific point of use, or simply to increase pressure when required. Most models are designed for intermittent duty, although some models ...

    By Aquatec International, Inc. based in Irvine, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Akvaterm - Standard Accumulator Tank

    Standard steel tanks with capacities 300-5000 litres pressure rated at 1.5 bar. 100mm seamless polyurethane insulation faced with steel sheet. Detachable side panels are an optional extra to allow installation through narrow entrances. An uninsulated accumulator tank can also be supplied, coated with corrosion protective paint. Optional 35 ltr/min ...

    By Eco Angus Ltd. based in Cox`s Green, UNITED KINGDOM. from Heating Systems - Accumulator Tanks Product line

  • e-Mag - Solar Pump

    The sun powers the Thermo Dynamics Solar Pump™ - no batteries, no high-voltage electricity, no engine consuming gasoline or diesel fuel - only harmless, low-voltage, solar-generated electricity, eternally available and pollution free. The Solar Pump™ system consists of a rotary vane pump driven by a photovoltaic (PV) powered DC motor ...

    By Thermo Dynamics Ltd (TDL) based in Dartmouth, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA). from Solar Pumps Product line

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