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  • Conductivity / TDS and pH for Professionals
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    Conductivity / TDS and pH for Professionals

    By Myron L Company

    Conductivity or TDS & pH . No water supply is completely pure. Every industrial, commercial or natural source contains dissolved solids or salts. These impurities contribute to scale, corrosion, poor taste, and ...

  • Handheld Water Quality Analysis Tool for Pool or Spa
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    Handheld Water Quality Analysis Tool for Pool or Spa

    By Myron L Company

    POOLPRO does the job of up to 9 tests in one easy to use instrument: Monitor Disinfectant. Residuals -Determine Water. Balance Corrections -Calibrate Equipment -Ensure Proper TDS. Levels in Saltwater. Chlorine ...

  • High Flow Pleated Cartridge Filters
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    High Flow Pleated Cartridge Filters

    By Shelco Filters

    Shelco’s Jumbo Housings & Cartridges are designed to accept a single cartridge filter that can handle flow rates of up to 150 GPM. With filter cartridges made of polyester media that can be cleaned and re-used ...

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  • Aquatherm Moscow - 2020
    Showcase Event

    Aquatherm Moscow - 2020

    By Reed Exhibitions Russia

    Aquatherm Moscow is your gateway to the Russian heating, water supply and pool equipment market! Aquatherm Moscow is the leading event in Russia in the industry of heating, water supply, engineering and plumbing ...

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  • Untersuchungsinstitut Heppeler GmbH

    Untersuchungsinstitut Heppeler GmbH

    Complex analytical laboratory services in the environmental form a core competence of our institute. From the eligible sample, on the precise ...

  • Sterilex Corporation

    Sterilex Corporation

    Sterilex Corporation is a recognized leader in developing anti-microbial, anti-biofilm, and decontamination products for microbial control, biofilm ...

  • ClearWater Tech LLC

    ClearWater Tech LLC

    ClearWater Tech, LLC is a leading designer and manufacturer of energy efficient, ozone generation equipment and components for wineries, breweries, ...

  • Nettuno s.r.l.

    Nettuno s.r.l.

    We produce self-propelled irrigation systems and high quality motor pumps for more than 40 years. The reliability and versatility of Visa’s products ...

  • Bioh Filtration Srl

    Bioh Filtration Srl

    Bioh Filtration offers complete products and services of anti-Legionella treatment of water and air distribution networks. Legionella is a bacteria ...