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  • Hydraulic Spillway Screen
    Showcase Product

    Hydraulic Spillway Screen

    By Estruagua

    Floating material retention in sewage structures. The pollution of superficial water resources, by the combination of the sewerage system and in part also by storm water tanks, consists of solids which are present in ...

  • Spillway Gates
    Showcase Product

    Spillway Gates

    By Dyrhoff UK Ltd

    The Obermeyer spillway gate system is most simply described as a row of steel gate panels supported on their downstream side by inflatable air bladders. By controlling the pressure in the bladders, the pond elevation ...

  • Sectional Gate
    Showcase Product

    Sectional Gate

    By AFI Hydro Inc.

    Also known as stop logs or bulkhead gates, these are used to seal off water flow to the spillway gate so it can be serviced.

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  • Dyrhoff UK Ltd

    Dyrhoff UK Ltd

    Dyrhoff specialises in the design and supply of inflatable rubber dams and spillway gates. The company has been involved in rubber dam business in ...

  • Tecbarragem


    TECBARRAGEM has over 30 years of experience, it has followed the growth in its sector which enabled TECBARRAGEM to hold a position among the best and ...

  • COH Inc.

    COH Inc.

    COH inc. welcomes you to the world of Custom Crane Design and Manufacturing. Over 45 years of success in designing practical and economical solutions ...