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Spillways equipment for Water and Wastewater

  • EAGLE - Model TAH-01 - Hydraulic Spillway Screen

    Floating material retention in sewage structures. The pollution of superficial water resources, by the combination of the sewerage system and in part also by storm water tanks, consists of solids which are present in the residual water. This includes a wide variety of dissolved and semi dissolved fibers and solid substances, with different ...

    By Estruagua based in Les Franqueses del Valles, SPAIN. from Hydraulic Spillway Screen Product line

  • Spillway Gates

    The Obermeyer spillway gate system is most simply described as a row of steel gate panels supported on their downstream side by inflatable air bladders. By controlling the pressure in the bladders, the pond elevation maintained by the gates can be infinitely adjusted within the system control range (full inflation to full deflation) and accurately ...

    By Dyrhoff UK Ltd based in Folkestone, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • AFI - Sectional Gate

    Also known as stop logs or bulkhead gates, these are used to seal off water flow to the spillway gate so it can be serviced.

    By AFI Hydro Inc. based in Paris, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Floating Bulkheads

    Steel-Fab floating bulkheads consist of a series of sealed caissons with integral ballast chambers that can be filled with water or pressurized with air. The caissons are assembled on the impoundment and then the appropriate ballast chambers are filled with water to vertically lower the bulkhead into position in front of the corresponding spillway ...

    By Steel-Fab, Inc. based in Fitchburg, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Floating Bulkheads Product line

  • Fish Passage and Environmental Mitigation

    The Obermeyer Spillway Gate System may be configured for independent operation of various gate sections. This allows fish-way attraction flows from the spillway, to be directed to fish ladders with a minimum amount of water. Adjustable fish ladders can be constructed from a series of Obermeyer gates. Controlled pond level can prevent the sudden ...

    By Obermeyer Hydro, Inc. based in Fort Collins, COLORADO (USA). from Fish Passage and Environmental Mitigation Product line

  • Hydraulic Drive Spillway Pallets

    The pallet spillway back and forth and lift claws, ideal complement scrapers CRD. The vane evacuator receives the manure output stall and takes to the management area of the claws elevator. This mounts the dung heap for a long-term storage. The paddles are fixed to a shaft to the drive rod with anti-recovery system. This bar is driven by a ...

    By CRD Company based in Ernee, FRANCE. from Hydraulic Drive Spillway Pallets Product line

  • HURRICANE - Model TAT-01 - Helicoidal Spillway Screen

    The Screens spillway which its function is to separate the solids present in the water to be treated in a timely manner because its function occur in emergencies situations  letting pass the water through it and holding the captured solids with the clear path of light according to the design. (Normally between 3 and 6 mm). We can found these ...

    By Estruagua based in Les Franqueses del Valles, SPAIN. from Helicoidal Spillway Screen Product line

  • Spillway Gate Hoist

    A high capacity fixed hoist mounted on an autonomous structure serving the spillway of a water retention construction adjacent or remote from a power house. The spillway gate hoist is dedicated to one gate and is permanently attached to it, thus operating in a cold and damp environment.

    By COH Inc. based in Boisbriand, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Spillway Gate Hoist Product line

  • Aesthetic Spillway Gate

    Provide a winter operable gate with minimal visual impact. Design a gate with thermal cover panels and a rack and pinion operating device.

    By Carbonneau Group based in Bromont, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Gates

    Depending on the size and type of use of these gates, the product could have different shapes, such as: flat to slip, wagon (wheeled, box, radial, disc, etc.) and could have different types of “set in motion” (manual with electric motor, hydraulic piston / pneumatics, bike chain with reducers, fixed or movable counterweight, own weight ...

    By I.I.A. Technologias Especializadas S.A. based in South Choloma, HONDURAS.

  • Fixed Wheel Gate (Roller gate)

    Roller gates are typically used for Gravity/Emergency closure and where waterways are too large to efficiently use slide gates. The rollers (wheels) are mounted on shafts fixed laterally to the leaf on vertical girders have double functions: reduce the friction forces and transmit the water load to the embedded parts. Upstream sealing is preferred ...

    By Mecan-Hydro based in Granby, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Fixed Wheel Gate (Roller gate) Product line

  • Cold Climate Water Control System

    Obermeyer spillway gates are successfully used in extremely cold climates such as the Northern United States including Alaska as well as Canada and Iceland. The flexible gate panel support provided by the air bladders allows passage of large sheets of ice. The steel gate panels prevent rocks, trees and other sharp objects which may be embedded in ...

    By Obermeyer Hydro, Inc. based in Fort Collins, COLORADO (USA). from Cold Climate Water Control System Product line

  • Model VSE - Overflow Spillway

    The use of  the OVERFLOW SPILLWAY mod. VSE with automatic filter cleaning is the right solution to screen the organic particles in “overflow” situations. The equipment is mainly composed of a semicircle bent filter and of arotating spiral conveying screening and, at the same time, cleaning the filter thanks to special brushes ...

    By SAVI S.r.l. based in Roncoferraro, ITALY. from Overflow Spillway Product line

  • V&P - Reagent Dispenser

    The V&P Reagent Dispenser was developed in response to a customer who wanted an inexpensive and simple way to maintain reagents in a reservoir. By simply connecting a reagent bottle to one of our Spillway Reservoirs (VP 549ETOH or VP 549H2O) with a flow restrictor in the line we can control the flow rate of reagent down the line. We offer a ...

    By V&P Scientific Inc. based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Reagent Dispenser Product line

  • Rain Catchment Basins

    It does not look as if it is going to rain less in the future. Therefore count on our of many years’ standing experience in the use of round or oval tanks as rain spillway basins, rain storage basins or rain clarifying basins. The special advantages of our basins are a statically and geometrically favourable basin form, the short time of ...

    By Drössler GmbH Umwelttechnik based in Siegen, GERMANY. from Rain Catchment Basins Product line

  • Fabriform Concrete Bags

    Fabriform Concrete Bags offer an alternative to the expensive and labor-intensive placement of large rip rap. Fabric formed concrete bags can be installed easily without the expense of heavy equipment or manpower. Fabric formed concrete bags allow customized design to ensure the most stable protection and repair of waterfront areas such as scoured ...

    By Construction Techniques, Inc. based in Cleveland, OHIO (USA).

  • APACHE - Model TAC-01 - Circular Spillway Screen

    Specially designed for those spillways or storm tanks of not very high flows or dimensions. Excellent QUALITY/PERFORMANCE/PRICE relation. Robust construction totally in stainless steel Aisi 304 or 316 quality. The equipment consists of four cleaning arms, adjustable to the filtering screen two arms have anti wear nylon cleaning brushes and the ...

    By Estruagua based in Les Franqueses del Valles, SPAIN. from Circular Spillway Screen Product line

  • Hydreo - Gates

    Hydreo Engineering designs, manufactures and installs overflow gates for precise level and flow control in waterways, spillways and dams.

    By HYDREO Engineering based in Remiremont Cedex, FRANCE.

  • Whitewater Recreation

    Obermeyer Hydro manufactures a full line of products to create configurable whitewater features for kayaks, rafts, and standing-wave surfers. The features can be re-configured in minutes to vary the difficulty of a particular feature without having to wade into the water. In addition to inflatable rocks and adjustable gates, Obermeyer Hydro can ...

    By Obermeyer Hydro, Inc. based in Fort Collins, COLORADO (USA).

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