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Stormwater Engineering equipment for Water and Wastewater

  • Premium

    Medora GridBee - Air-Powered Water Mixers

    GridBee® AP Air-Powered Mixers from Medora Corporation combine patented long- distance circulation technology with a clog-free design.

    By Medora Corporation based in Dickinson, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Air-Powered Water Mixers Product line

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    BioSTORM - Stormwater Treatment Systems

    Pre-engineered stormwater treatment system removes trash, sediment, oil and other pollutants from stormwater runoff. The BioSTORM’s unique off-line design consists of a patented StormTEE self-cleaning deflector screen and a modular separation/coalescing unit, all housed in readily-available precast concrete tanks. The versatility of the ...

    By BioMicrobics, Inc. based in Lenexa, KANSAS (USA). from Stormwater Treatment Systems Product line

  • In-Line Stormceptor - Stormwater Management System

    The Inline Stormceptor is the standard design for most stormwater treatment applications. The patented design allows the Inline unit to maintain continuous positive treatment of stormwater for the removal of pollutants such as total suspended solids (TSS), free oils and nutrients year round, regardless of the flow rate.

  • Municipal and Design Engineering Services

    Performance Environmental helps municipalities manage the watershed that falls within the boundaries of their communities as well as to comply with the EPA's SPCC (Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure) rule to prevent and be prepared for oil spills to coastal waters and adjoining shorelines.

    By Performance Environmental Services, Inc. based in Wixom, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • StormSafe - Cartridge

    StormSafe Cartridge Vaults are ideal for small drainage areas that require stormwater treatment beyond simple gross pollutants and trash removal. By utilizing the same proven filter technology from the StormBasin product line, the StormSafe Cartridge Vault can reduce concentrations of targeted stormwater pollutants in a cost effective manner. This ...

    By Fabco Industries, Inc based in Jericho, NEW YORK (USA). from Cartridge Product line

  • Stormceptor - Model OSR - Oil and Sand Removal System

    Stormceptor OSR systems efficiently removes fine sand-sized particles at high treatment flow rates, the patented system has been specifically designed to meet stormwater quality requirements in states such as New Jersey and New York which use single event storms and fine-sand size particles to determine BMP sizing. Stormceptor OSR is the ...

  • Storm Manholes

    These corrosion resistant, packaged STORM manholes are the result of feedback from the owners of Plasti-Fab’s highly successful Packaged Metering Manholes that have been in production for 25 years. Our customers asked for a design that would retain sediment, trash and oil from stormwater. STORM is the answer. Plasti-Fab has the expertise to build ...

    By Plasti-Fab, Inc. based in Tualatin, OREGON (USA). from Storm Manholes Product line

  • Posaprime - Wastewater Pumping Stations

    Norweco's precast concrete Posaprime wastewater pumping stations provide dependable, maintenance-free wastewater or stormwater handling. The pre-engineered system allows all pumps, equipment and controls to be installed in a convenient dry well with a unique Environmental Control System that insures superior equipment life. The pump chamber is ...

    By Norwalk Wastewater Equipment Company, Inc. (Norweco) based in Norwalk, OHIO (USA).

  • bgu - Fine Slotted Screen

    The Fine Slotted Screen is constructed entirely of stainless steel 316 ensuring reliable trouble free operation. Self adjusting brush provides automatic cleaning of  screening surface in both directions. The Fine Slotted Screen cleaning system may be driven by a water wheel (requiring no external energy) or by an electro-hydraulic drive, ...

    By bgu-Umweltschutzanlagen GmbH based in Bretzfeld, GERMANY. from Fine Slotted Screen Product line

  • WeCare - Engineered Soils

    With WeCare Compost® as a base, we are able to develop, blend, and deliver bulk organic soil products prepared specifically for our customer’s needs.  We will develop the right approach for each project, review specifications, communicate with engineers and architects, and deliver on-time.  We are the soil supplier you can ...

    By WeCare Organics based in Jordan, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Trelleborg Forsheda - Model 567 - Rieber Sewer Metric

    Cannot be displaced during transportation & installation. Greater joint reliability due to joint tolerance reduction. Traditional Rieber style seal for metric sewer pipes.

    By Trelleborg Pipe Seals Duisburg GmbH based in Duisburg, GERMANY. from Rieber Sewer Metric Product line

  • PaveDrain - Permeable Paver Systems

    The PaveDrain System combines modern day functionality and a structural concept used for centuries to create the revolutionary permeable paving solution. PaveDrain incorporates a patented arch design in the middle of an articulating concrete block to create an internal storage chamber that can be filled with stormwater runoff while ...

    By A.S.P. Enterprises based in Fenton, MISSOURI (USA). from Permeable Paver Systems Product line

  • Aer-Flo - Floating Turbidity Barriers

    TURBIDTY BARRIERS are a BMP designed to restrict the flow of sediment-laden stormwater runoff from a construction site, to keep it contained in a limited area, and allow the sediment to settle out before being carried into adjacent or joining watercourses. TOUGH GUY® Turbidity Barriers are manufactured by AER-FLO, Inc., the world’s ...

    By Aer-Flo, Inc. based in Bradenton, FLORIDA (USA).

  • 9″ Straw Wattle Agricultural Straw Sediment Retention Fiber Rolls

    ECWATTLES are flexible, cylindrical Sediment Retention Fiber Rolls (SRFRs) comprised of various types of compressed matrixes, designed to reduce hydraulic energy and filter sediment-laden stormwater runoff on slopes and in channels. Each pallet is shrink-wrapped and labeled. SRFRs are designed to be used as perimeter controls, slope interceptor ...

  • AQUIP - Enhanced Media Filtration System

    Aquip  is a patented, enhanced media filtration system for industrial stormwater applications. This stormwater treatment BMP removes fine particulates and dissolved pollutants in a simple and easy-to-use configuration. Aquip is typically installed above ground with a single pump station.

    By Houston Analytical Systems Company based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • StormTrap - Underground Stormwater Detention System

    StormTrap underground stormwater detention systems manage and control the volume and discharge timing of stormwater runoff. Our solutions were designed to temporarily store runoff in large underground chambers before releasing it at a controlled rate. This helps to mitigate many of the harmful effects of high volumes of stormwater runoff, such as ...

    By StormTrap, LLC based in Romeoville, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • ChamberMaxx - Plastic Retention Chambers

    ChamberMaxx is the latest in corrugated, open-bottom plastic arch systems designed to economically collect, detain, retain and infiltrate stormwater runoff. The chambers are injected-molded using structurally-efficient and corrosive-resistant polypropylene resin. With 1.4m3 of available storage per chamber, ChamberMaxx is the most cost-efficient ...

    By Stormwater 360 based in Albany, NEW ZEALAND.

  • EnviroPod - LT/ Low Cost Catchpit

    Litter, leaves and other gross pollutants such as cigarette butts are responsible for degradation of our beaches and waterways. Stormwater runoff from existing piping infrastructure in our cities and towns largely flows untreated into our marine environment and is having negative effects on water quality and marine life. The EnviroPod LT is a ...

    By Stormwater 360 based in Albany, NEW ZEALAND.

  • Recharger - Model 902 HD - Ultra High Capacity Stormwater Chambers

    The Recharger 902HD is a 48″ (1219 mm) tall, ultra-high capacity chamber which has been designed and tested in accordance with ASTM F2787 “Standard Practice for Structural Design of Thermoplastic Corrugated Wall Stormwater Collection Chambers”. The Recharger 902HD provides resistance to the loads and load factors as defined in ...

    By Cultec, Inc. based in Brookfield, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Ultra High Capacity Stormwater Chambers Product line

  • StormX - Netting Trash Trap

    StormXTM is engineered to capture gross pollutants and handle powerful stormwater runoff at most urban hot spots. Commercial grade, reusable nets provide full capture of gross pollutants as small as 5 mm, including organic materials (such as leaves) that could reduce the levels of phosphorous and nitrogen in our water. This economical solution to ...

    By Storm Water Systems, Inc. based in Cleveland, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

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