Submersible Mixers

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  • Mixer and Agitators Technology
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    Mixer and Agitators Technology

    By SPD Biogás

    The mixers and agitators technology will be specifically designed and adapted for each project depending on determining factors such as the inputs characteristics before and after the fermentation process .

  • Submersible Mixers
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    Submersible Mixers

    By Faggiolati Pumps S.p.A.

    Faggiolati`s mixers are projected for optimal mixing, homogenising and agitating operations in civil and industrial waste-water purification plants. The high performance ratings allow a considerable reduction in running ...

  • Submersible Mixer
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    Submersible Mixer

    By DeTech Pumps Co. Ltd.

    MS Submersible mixer is designed to applicate widely in waste water treatment, especially for mixing, sludge digestive, tank, suspend solids decrease, circulation etc. It can operate smoothly in the conditions as ...

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    The enterprises is somposed of two separate divisions: Foundry located In Rajsko, near Town of Oświęcim and Division of Equipment for ...