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  • Primary Brine Purification

    Primary Brine Purification

     Ceramic Membrane Brine Purification Solution (hereinafter called CBS Process) is a well- proven process which can guarantee to offer high quality, stable and reliable primary brine for a long-term and is also an advanced process option for chlor-alkali companies.CBS combines the characteri


  • Calculate with system: 1+1+1=1

    Do not worry, the calculation comes out even. But only with our innovative filter complete system FIBALON®system. With just three components ensures FIBALON® system crystal clear water in your pool: pump, filter vessel and our innovative ...

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  • Complete Energy-Saving Pool Water Filtration System

    Complete Energy-Saving Pool Water Filtration System

    FIBALON® system is the innovative and unique energy-minimum system. By using FIBALON® system, your pool water will sparkle and glimmer. Moreover, you do not need to worry about operating costs. FIBALON®system offers as the only filter system in the world the opportunity to take full advantage of all the benefits of modern filtration. With FIBALON®system, you will combine for the ...