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  • What is pipeline lining? Classification of pipeline lining

    What is pipeline lining? Classification of pipeline lining

    Pipeline lining is a new technology developed in the past ten years. It is also called composite pipe. With the different needs of the transport fluid, the use of materials with different properties as the inner and outer walls of the pipeline makes the pipeline durable, guarantees the purity of the fluid, and the pipeline is laid. Adaptability, performance is greatly improved, and the use is ...


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  • Evaporative Cooling Media

    Evaporative Cooling Media

    GLASdek® GX40 is a high efficiency evaporative cooling media that is engineered to provide maximum cooling and humidification, low pressure drop and years of reliable service. The media is made from inorganic, non-combustible material. It allows the use of water straight from the tap with no need for water treatment (i.e. demineralisation plants). In cases with non-sufficient water quality, ...