Tertiary Water Treatment

Equipment & Solutions

  • Micro Screen
    Showcase Product

    Micro Screen

    By Passavant Impianti Spa

    Micro screen for superficial filtration treatment, with filtering surface from 4,7 m² to 75,6 m² for equipment and filtering mesh from 5 to 40 microns, adding eventually reagents.

  • Reclamation Combined Bioreactor (CBR)
    Showcase Product

    Reclamation Combined Bioreactor (CBR)

    By AmphiBio Technologies, LLC

    Complete biological process using the AmphiBio Combined Bioreactor and the AmphiBio Mega BioContactor, DAPS type secondary clarifier with bidirectional skimmers, approximately 6 months of sludge retention/digestion, ...

  • ctivated Sludge Effluent Tertiary Filtration
    Showcase Product

    ctivated Sludge Effluent Tertiary Filtration

    By Likuid Nanotek S.L.

    Tertiary filtration treats the effluents from activated sludge treatment processes. Thus, the filtration improves the quality of the effluent and allows to accomplish the quality requirements, in terms of SS, turbidity ...

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