Trenchless Pipe Systems

Equipment & Solutions

  • Jacking Pipes
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    Jacking Pipes

    By HOBAS Engineering GmbH

    HOBAS Jacking Pipes with flush couplings (GRP or stainless steel) are used for trenchless installations of different applications. Nominal Diameter [DN]  250 - 3600 mm, Nominal Pressure [PN] 1 bar Nominal Stiffness ...

  • Trenchless Pipe Replacement System
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    Trenchless Pipe Replacement System

    By Gorlitz Sewer & Drain, Inc

    Each chain operated Trenchless Pipe Replacement System, Model GO 6000C, includes all accessories to complete a 4” and 6” diameter pipe ...

  • Connection Pipelines
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    Connection Pipelines

    By KARL WEISS Technologies GmbH

    This technology is used for the trenchless, same-channel replacement and new installation of steel, grey cast iron or ductile cast iron gas and water connection pipelines. All available diameters can be replaced using ...

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Companies & Suppliers

  • SmartPipe Technology Sdn Bhd

    SmartPipe Technology Sdn Bhd

    SmartPipe Technology Sdn Bhd is an engineering company offering integrated solutions to water and other utility companies for the maintenance of ...

  • Spartan Tool L.L.C.

    Spartan Tool L.L.C.

    Since 1943, Spartan Tool has been delivering everything you need in sewer and drain cleaning equipment. From long-lasting performance to constantly ...

  • Link-Pipe Inc.

    Link-Pipe Inc.

    Link-Pipe Incorporated (LPI) specializes in designing and manufacturing no dig trenchless pipe repair products. We strive to provide our customers ...

  • Terma Sp. z o.o.

    Terma Sp. z o.o.

    TERMA is the biggest polish manufacturer of pneumatic machinery for trenchless technology, named ground rockets, pneumatic moles, used in ...

  • Machines Broker

    Machines Broker

    MachinesBroker is a brokerage company operating in the field of construction equipment, with a strong specialization in Trencher and ...