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  • Rotating Distributor
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    Rotating Distributor


    The rotating distributor mainly consists of a central tubular post, with a base expansion joint radially controlled by adjustable posts that allow the adjustment thereof, thus obtaining perfect verticality. The fluid to ...

  • Biological Desulphurization Process System
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    Biological Desulphurization Process System

    By HydroThane STP BV

    HydroThane STP BSP stands for Biological deSulphurization Process and is a simple biological process that removes hydrogen sulphide H2S from the biogas without the use of chemicals.The biogas is fed into vertical ...

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  • Wastewater Treatment: Secondary

    Wastewater Treatment: Secondary

    This video is meant to be a general wastewater overview that will examine secondary treatment. In secondary treatment biodegradable organic matter