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  • Floating Turbidity Silt Curtain
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    Floating Turbidity Silt Curtain

    By Texas Boom Company

    Type 2 turbidity curtains are best used to contain silt and turbidity in moving water applications. Type 2 curtains are manufactured using high strength fabric with heavy duty tension members. These Type II turbidity ...

  • Anchor Kits for Floating Turbidity Barriers
    Showcase Product

    Anchor Kits for Floating Turbidity Barriers

    By L & M Supply Company

    Includes everything needed to anchor Tough Guy Floating Turbidity Barriers…  Anchor, rope, chain, shackles, thimbles, anchor buoy, and positioning/retrieval buoy…  EVERYTHING! Floating turbidity ...

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  • Eco Pond Rescue

    Eco Pond Rescue

    Eco Pond Rescue utilizes a patented Venturie aeration system to circulate and aerate ponds and lakes. We also specialize in safe non-toxic turbidity ...

  • Enviro-USA American Manufacturer, LLC

    Enviro-USA American Manufacturer, LLC

    At Enviro-USA our core business is manufacturing all types of oil containment boom such conventional, reel (fence), inflatable, shore boom, etc, ...

  • Aer-Flo, Inc.

    Aer-Flo, Inc.

    Aer-Flo, Inc. is a fast-growing manufacturing concern with offices, plant and warehouse located in Bradenton, Florida. Aer-Flo maintains an ...