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Water Filtration Product (Turbidity Removal) equipment

  • Filtration

    Water filtration is, maybe, the most common water treatment, used to remove the suspended solids or other substances.

    By TEMAK S.A. based in Acharnes (Menidi) Attikis, GREECE. from Water Treatment and Desalination Systems Product line

  • Model FAS Series - Double Layer Filters

    FAS multilayer filters can retain physical impurities, sand and mud, suspended substances in water, the iron in an oxidised form, which cause water turbidity. If turbidity is also caused by a modest quantity of fine colloidal substances (almost always present in surface watercourses) FAS filters offer excellent performance if used after an 'in ...

    By WTEC srl based in Trani (BT), ITALY. from Filtration Product line

  • ContaClarifier - Pre-Treatment System

    ContaClarifier provides innovative water pretreatment for new and existing filtration plants in less than a third of the area of conventional pretreatment. Mixing, flocculation, and clarification remove up to 95% of incoming turbidity, producing clarified and conditioned water that can be directly applied to final filters. The high quality ...

    By Roberts Filter Group based in Media, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Package Filtration Products Product line

  • Reliant - Package Treatment Plants

    The fully automated Reliant water and wastewater package treatment plants offer an economical means of removing high levels of turbidity, color, metals, and waterborne disease organisms. The Reliant is a conventional system utilizing flocculation, sedimentation, and filtration. It is generally recommended for use where turbidities are regularly ...

    By Roberts Filter Group based in Media, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Package Filtration Products Product line

  • Electromedia - Filtration Systems

    For municipal and industrial facilities, reducing costs while increasing production of pure, clean water is the number one priority. With our Electromedia coagulation filtration systems, Filtronics has created a simple, compact system that effectively and efficiently meets your treatment needs. By increasing purification efficiency, our ...

    By Filtronics, Incorporated based in Anaheim, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Leopold - Engineered Filter Media

    Whether mono-media deep bed, dual media, or tri-media, Xylem carefully evaluates influent water characteristics and process requirements. Next the right configuration of media, with the effective size and uniformity coefficient to give energy efficient, consistent and long term performance is provided. Leopold Engineered Filter Media products are ...

    By Leopold - a Xylem Brand based in Zelienople, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Gravity Media Filtration Systems Product line

  • Watertrak - Multi Media Water Filters

    A water filter is used to remove suspended solids or turbidity from the water. These are located in front of demineralizer trains, reverse osmosis units, softeners, etc. By removing this debris in the water, it prevents the down stream equipment from being plugged up when operated properly. Watertrak filters offer a wide range of sizes, materials ...

  • Anthracite Filter Media

    Anthracite filter media is specifically selected from deep mining sites that yield the highest percentage of carbon. The water filter media is hydraulically classified to reduce foreign mineral matter and to lower ash content. The water filtration media is then screened and washed to ensure suitability for water filtration purposes. Anthracite ...

    By Red Flint Sand and Gravel, LLC based in Eau Claire, WISCONSIN (USA). from Other Products Product line

  • Purac Flofilter - Combined Flotation and Filtration System

    Purac Flofilter, is an established and proven treatment systems including surface water for drinking water production, developed by Purac in the 1960s. Purac Flofilter is a compact, space-saving and efficient system, which combines the flotation and filtration in the same basin. Purac's two-stage Flofilter system offers a number of tangible ...

    By Purac AB based in Lund, SWEDEN. from Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Product line

  • Continuous Membrane Filtration (CMF)

    Continuous Membrane Filtration (CMF) is a water treatment technology that utilises microfiltraion / ultrafiltration membrane to achieve removal of submicron contaminants in water. A typical CMF system is made up of a membrane filtration unit and a membrane cleaning system. Raw water enters the cavity around the hollow fibre membrane which act as a ...

    By United Envirotech Ltd. (UEL) based in Singapore, SINGAPORE.

  • Watertrak - Activated Carbon Filters

    WATERTRAK Carbon Filters are used to remove Free Chlorine, Chloramines, TOC, Color, etc. from the feed water. By removing these impurities from the feed water, it prevents the downstream equipment from damage due to fouling. A water filter is used to remove suspended solids or turbidity from the water. These are located in front of demineralizer ...

  • Direct Down Flow Filtration

    It fits to: Treatment of water of low and medium turbidity and color. E.g.: Dams, wells, rivers during dry season. Advantages of direct downflow filtration when compared to complete treatment cycle (conventional): Initial investment ranges from 30% to 70% less; Lower operational and maintenance costs (no need for flocculation unit or sludge ...

    By ACS Engenharia Ambiental Ltda. based in Parque Novo Mondubim, BRAZIL.

  • Purifics CUF - Complete Ultra-Filtration Unit

    CUF’s proven water filtration technology reduces the size, cost, and complexity of traditional systems. This compact filtration package is environmentally friendly with low energy costs and chemical free operation. CUF operates without producing waste water discharge and the sludge contains no added chemicals for a safer and less costly ...

    By Purifics Water Inc. based in London, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Turbidity Meter

    Water treatment professionals used turbidity measurement to monitor the amount of particles in water. These measurements are used to determine the effectiveness of filtration steps during treatment processes. Turbidity meters typically use the principle of Nephelometry to measure the optical clarity (turbidity) of a sample. The measurement is ...

    By Industrial Test Systems, Inc. based in Rock Hill, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Other Products Product line

  • Model ERB-222 - Cartridge Systems

    The ERB-222 water treatment system is designed for two or three phase water treatment for multiple equipment applications, requiring medium to high water flows and volumes. The unit is designed to first reduce sediment and turbidity that may cause damage to food service equipment, appliances, and machinery; second, to remove chlorine and other ...

    By Earth Resources based in Prague 9 - Vysocany, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Water Treatment Product line

  • Batch Titan - Model 1000 - Membrane Coupon Tester

    New Logic’s Batch Titan 1000 membrane coupon tester is designed to quickly test the separation capabilities of various membranes. An assortment of membrane coupons is provided with each Batch Titan®. Additional membranes may be purchased separately. New Logic carries over 200 types of membranes ranging from Reverse Osmosis to ...

    By New Logic Research, Inc. based in Emeryville, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Other Products Product line

  • Water Treatment Equipment

    Tech Universal design, supply, install and commission different type of water treatment plants. The company is capable of treating different sources of water to produce potable soft or deionised high quality water suitable for the application or purpose the plant is designed for.

    By Tech Universal (UK) Ltd based in Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM. from Water Treatment Product line

  • Model ETAPC - Portable Water Treatment Plants

    Production and delivery of compact purification plants, easy to install and transport. These plants are designed in a container structure, inside a container or on a frame. Generally, plants include a process of lamellar sedimentation for turbidity reduction, filtration systems and a final process which consists on water disinfection before ...

    By Hidritec based in Gijón - Asturias, SPAIN. from Water Treatment Plants Product line

  • Muncipal Water

    Filters Designed and Approved for Municipal Water. DWI Regulation 31 requires that only filtration products approved by the Secretary of State can be used in the supply of drinking water. To help water supply companies meet this legal requirement Amazon Filters has introduced SupaSpun II R31 filters, which are specifically designed and qualified ...

    By Amazon Filters Ltd based in Camberley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Applications in Water Treatment Product line

  • Eagle - Activated Carbon (AC) Turbidity Filter

    Drinking water treatment using activated carbon (AC) filtration is one option for a homeowner to treat drinking water problems. AC filtration is an effective method for treating certain organic compounds, unpleasant tastes and odors. The superior adsorption qualities of activated charcoal make it a popular choice for water filters. These filters ...

    By Eagle Water Treatment Systems based in St-Eustache, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Speciality Water Systems Product line

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