Underwater Cleaning

Equipment & Solutions

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    Used for cleaning underwater sludge at the water tank basin, cooling tower, nuclear power plant and drinking water tank or reservoir, etc.Remotely operated vehicle to clean underwater sludge or sediments at the bottom ...

  • Underwater Cavitation Cleaning machine
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    Underwater Cavitation Cleaning machine

    By Cavitcleaner Limited

    Underwater cavitation cleaning machine, powered by a three phase 380 v electric motor. Its performances/price ratio is really unbeatable. Power, reliability, lightness are its strength points. This is the professional ...

  • 3-Stage Fan for Underwater Cleaning Systems
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    3-Stage Fan for Underwater Cleaning Systems

    By Vac-Con, Inc.

    Only Vac-Con offers 3-Stage fans for powerful performance on the job and even underwater!. Confused by what you hear in the market? Only the Vac-Con 3-Stage Fan can vacuum underwater without introducing additional air. ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Weda AB

    Weda AB

    WEDA of today has specialised in underwater cleaning solutions with automatic and semi automatic robots. The cleaners are developed in cooperation ...

  • Cavitcleaner Limited

    Cavitcleaner Limited

    Cavitcleaner is a unique cavitation cleaning system which enables crew to clean a yacht’s hull and underwater parts without placing the vessel in dry ...