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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Project Circular Buiksloterham, Amsterdam - Case Study

    Project Circular Buiksloterham, Amsterdam - Case Study

    In the Buiksloterham district of Amsterdam, located on the northern bank of the river IJ, 550 houses will be connected to a floating wastewater treatment plant. The “Circular Buiksloterham” project will be completed in mid-2019. The houses will be equipped with vacuum toilets which will reduce drinking water consumption. These toilets will only use 1 litre of water per flush. The ...

  • Street Elbow Introduction

    Street Elbow Introduction

     A street elbow is a type of plumbing or plumbing connection intended to join a piece of pipe and another corner fitting. The difference between a street bend and a regular bend is the nature of ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Vacuum chamber package

    Vacuum chamber package

    Domestic sewage first flows in the vacuum chamber package by gravity-flow. In the vacuum chamber package are installed the vacuum interface valve units (composed of the vacuum interface valve and vacuum valve controller), sensor pipe of 50mm dia., and suction pipe which is of the same diameter as the vacuum interface valve. The gravity-flow pipeline as well as air intake pipe and pole and ...