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wash station (Wash Water) equipment

  • Premium

    Chemtex - Spill Nest

    An affordable and convenient temporary storage for drums or equipment. The flexible-sidewall Spill Nest delivers easy-to-use, affordable, temporary spill containment for drums, machine parts, tanks, generators, small equipment and other job site needs. It also can be used as a wash-down pad or pumping station. A great alternative to hard plastic ...

    By Chemtex, Inc. based in Cumberland, RHODE ISLAND (USA). from Spill Nest Product line

  • Edson - Model 281-300 - Portable Toilet Wash-Down Stations

    The Edson Portable Toilet Wash-Down Stations provide a convenient facility for marina and campground customers to empty and clean their portable toilets. The Portable Toilet Wash-Down Station ends the potential mess of using the rest room for this necessity. Available in either fiberglass or stainless steel these self-contained sinks come complete ...

    By Edson International, Pumps Division based in New Bedford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Portable Toilet Wash-Down Stations Product line

  • Tank Eye Wash Station BR 954 005

    Eyesaline - tank eye wash station. Tank capacity: 3.8 litre. Flush time: 3 minutes. Sleek and inexpensive assembly near the working place (wall- and table mounting). Sterile saline solution, equivalent to the natural salinity of the eye. Maintenance-free for six month - no weekly activation required. Easy and simple activation by dragging down the ...

    By B-Safety GmbH based in Hamburg, GERMANY.

  • First Aid Station BR 358 005 (5101)

    Our first aid station for the optimal care of eye and cut injuries. This station is complete with the QuickFix plaster dispenser inclusive 90 plasters, one eye wash bottle with 500 ml sodium chloride solution, QuickClean cut cleansing wipes inclusive 40 wipes and a mirror.

    By B-Safety GmbH based in Hamburg, GERMANY.

  • ZOOE - Model ZX101 - wall mounted eye wash station

    Wall mounted eye wash stationProduct: Wall mounted eye wash stationStandard: ANSI/358.1-2014Main material: 304 stainless steelPedestal: 304 stainless steelInlet: DN 15Outlet:DN32Eye wash head flow:>12L/minWorking pressure:0.2MPa—0.4MPaPacking size: 320*280*250mm

    By Zooe Safety&Lab Supplies Co.,Ltd based in Shaoxing, CHINA. from wall mounted eye wash station Product line

  • Car Wash Platforms

    Among other things, self-serve car washes require a solid pavement for the vehicle to stand on, which is inclined so that the water poured /sprayed onto the vehicle can drain away. The new prefabricated  are designed to be used as the pavement under car washes. To install the pavement, four opposing panels are fitted together for gantry ...

    By Depur Padana Acque s.r.l. based in Rovigo, ITALY.

  • Bogie Wash Plants

    Different types and shapes. High temperature pressure wash. Underframe washing station. Alkaline detergents. Drying system. Pre-treatment and water recycling.

    By Aquafrisch S.L. based in Rivas, SPAIN. from Bogie Wash Plants Product line

  • LEAP - Model HTS-xt PAL - Fast Wash Station without TraySet or Stack

    Prep and Load System for High Throughput Screening consisting of: 1 pc PAL80 X/Y unit w/ XT Electronics & Firmware 4.1.X. 1 pc HTS Injection unit. 2 pc Standalone support 215mm. 1 pc Control terminal & cable. 1 pc Power supply, Input Voltage 100-240V,120W,50/60Hz & cable. 1 pc Valve drive. 1 pc VICI C72VX-1696D-CTC-K Cheminert UPLC ...

    By LEAP Technologies based in Morrisville, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Fast Wash Station without TraySet or Stack Product line

  • FLeXstorm - Model PC - Filter Bags

    The FLEXSTORM PC ‘Post Construction’ line of filter bags is designed to specifically target small particle and hydrocarbon removal from parking lots, industrial buildings, and other drainage hot spots like gas stations, car washes, and wash bays. The PC filter bags consist of the FX bag lined with a layer of Adsorb-it Filter Fabric, ...

    By FLeXstorm Inlet based in Naperville, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Model Quadra Wash2 - Automated Microtiter Plate Washing Station

    The Quadra Wash 2 workstation is a small footprint, self contained, automated microtiter plate washing station.  The unit supports washing cycles with two different concentrations of buffered solutions, such as Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS) and/or water. Dispense/aspirate volumes and rates are set with simple pressure/time adjustments ...

    By Tomtec Inc based in Hamden, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Automated Microtiter Plate Washing Station Product line

  • Mobile Decontamination & Wash Station

    The Mobile Decontamination & Wash Station is a closed-loop wash system with (1) high pressure, hot water hose station for efficient and environmentally friendly washing. The portable equipment enclosure includes all plumbing, pumps, electrical connections, lighting and HVAC to operate as a complete wash station delivery unit. Total Weight: ...

    By ESD Waste2Water, Inc. based in Ocala, FLORIDA (USA). from Mobile Decontamination & Wash Station Product line

  • FFT - Model FFC- Vac - Truck Mix

    Assists Vactor Trucks in cleaning grease in collection system force and gravity mains.As the truck uses its cleaning nozzle to break up clogs due to grease buildup, the mix keeps the suspended grease from reforming downstream at the next lift station. Once the grease has been treated, the municipality is done dealing with it. The grease now is ...

    By Fog Free Technologies, LLC (FFT) based in Charleston,, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • AWAS - Model RC - Wash Water Pre-Treatment System for Wash Water Recycling

    This underground pre-treatment system consist of 2 or more monolithic concrete tanks: Oil separation and sediment tank. Sediment tank for suspended solids. Pump station as a buffer for the treatment plant. Efficient mechanical pre-purification system, results in better wash water quality because the oil is constantly taken out of the wash water ...

  • ESD Waste2Water - Model 750 - In-Ground Wash Water Auto Recycler System

    The Model 750 wash water recycle system is designed to handle the washing needs of large parts washing operations. For optimal performance the Model 750 is designed to be used in conjunction with ESD Waste2Water’s pre-engineered Solids Separation System and in-ground sump. The Model 750 can readily be modified to accommodate remote hose ...

    By ESD Waste2Water, Inc. based in Ocala, FLORIDA (USA). from In-Ground Wash Water Auto Recycler System Product line

  • Quadra - Model S2WS - Super Heated Wash Water System for Centrifugal Station

    #SUPER HEATED WASH WATER SYSTEM-SkidThe system provides pressurized Hot water at 110-120 deg C. for cleaning of centrifugal machines and station.The water at 70 deg. C from overhead tank enters the pump suction, is pumped into the Water Heater (Shell and Tube Hex), leaves Hex. at 110-120 deg. C. At atmospheric pressure water starts boiling at 100 ...

    By Quadra Consultant & Engineers based in Satara, INDIA.

  • Model STU - Septic Tank Retrieving Station

    The septic tanker truck is connected to the STU tank, by a Perrot type quick connection and an electric driven ball valve. The tanker then discharges into the STU tank. Solids larger than the screen mesh are removed. As a result the liquid level in front of the screen increases. When it reaches the working level of the unit the control panel ...

    By Fay Environmental Services based in Cootehill, IRELAND.

  • Spillpal

    Provides incidental spill control during temporary storage of drums, machine parts, tanks, generators...Can also be used as a wash down pad or pumping station. Features 4' flexible foam sidewalls that spring back to form - allowing easy drive in and out of hand trucks and forklifts. Reusable! Fold up and store on a shelf when not in use, freeing ...

    By EnviroMet based in Vancouver, WASHINGTON (USA). from Spillpal Product line

  • Meva - Model SRS - External Sludge Receiving Station in Stainless Steel

    The Meva SRS external sludge receiver is used for receiving and mechanical pre-treatment of sludge from tanker trucks. The external sludge receiver consists of a Meva Rotoscreen and a Meva SWP screw wash press. The Meva Rotoscreen is resistant to grease, rags and sand making it particularly well suited for external sludge reception. The facility ...

  • Washing Stations

    All accessories are suspended to simplify everyday tasks. Dependingon the chosen configuration, the washing station may include a slidingmethacrylate screen to protect users from possible splashing, as well as vapour extraction mechanisms.A flexible hose allows the materials to be easily rinsed in a small basin, treatment in the adjacent ...

    By Matachana Group based in Barcelona, SPAIN. from Washing Stations Product line

  • Eye Wash Station BR 318 005 (4694)

    A convenient eye wash station that can be easily installed close to the workplace.The station is equipped with a mirror and clear instructions to ensure rapid, correct rinsing in the event of accidents. Not suitable for very dusty and dirty workplaces.

    By B-Safety GmbH based in Hamburg, GERMANY.

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