Wash Water equipment for Water and Wastewater in USA

  • Alpha Oil-Water Separator

    The Water Maze Alpha is a highly effective above-ground oil-water separator designed to discharge wash water to the sanitary sewer at rates of up to 30 GPM. The genius of the Alpha is the proprietary 'maze' design of up to 1000 sq. ft. of inclined coalescing plates, which draw oils from wash water. The plates are strapped together in packs and are ...

  • Model CL - Oil-Water-Solids Separator and Filtration System

    CL Commercial Water Filtration System Treats and Recycles Industrial Wastewater. No other wash-water treatment system is as versatile and modular as the CL series. The six models can stand alone or be matched with a Filter Pac III module (below) to serve as a solids separator, a treat-and-discharge unit or a recycle system.

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    TOMRA - Washer Peeling Equipment

    The Washer was developed to address the washing system issues of other products on the market, designing a washer that took into account the requirement for gentle product washing, the removal of small pieces of loose peel and the need to reuse a higher percentage of recycled water.

    By TOMRA Sorting GmbH. Office in Sacramento, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Peeling Equipment Product line

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    BioKube - Containerized Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) for Hotels and Resorts

    BioKube has many options for treatment and reuse of wastewater for hotels and resorts in all sizes. BioKube’s technology can help you optimize your hotel or resort´s operating costs significantly, by facilitating huge saving on your fresh water bill. Treated wastewater can replace the use of freshwater for multiple purposes such as: ...

    By BioKube A/S Distributor in Meredith, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA).

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    Yamato - Model WS200/220 - Auto Still Water Purifier

    This simple and economical Yamato Auto Still® water purifier with a 20L storage tank is designed for distilled water production.  The WS series produces ASTM type 4 distilled water kept in a 20L storage tank. Suitable as washing water for cleaning tools, glassware and as distilled water for general use.

    By Yamato Scientific America Inc. based in Santa Clara, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Water Purifier - Auto Still Product line

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    Model WSI-G-3000 - Grey Water Recycling Unit

    The WSI-G-3000 grey water recycling unit is designed to treat grey water from sinks and showers so that it can be re-used for applications such as flushing toilets, washing vehicles or equipment, or dust control.

    By Water Services Inc. based in Provo, UTAH (USA). from Grey Water Re-use & Recycling Product line

  • Pulse Instruments - Model EP500 - Advanced Wash Water Sanitizer Control

    Advanced Model EP500 is an essential HACCP tool for wash water automation and control that allows multi-function monitoring, pump control, proportional output and recording of any oxidizer sanitizer. Measure Free Chlorine (ppm), ORP, pH (ISFET), Non-Glass, Conductivity of Dissolved Solids (CDS) and Temperature with a choice of measuring Chlorine ...

    By Pulse Instruments based in Van Nuys, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Water Disinfection Product line

  • Friction Separator

    A friction washer or friction separator is a water high-speed cleaning machine for mixed plastics. The system cleans the materials with a high contamination or persistent dirt, for instance, PET and film flakes. Ideally, our friction washer follows both the hot washer as a rinsing unit in the plastic recycling proce

    By B+B Anlagenbau GmbH - part of the HEILIG GROUP Office in Moore, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Single Machines – Washing Product line

  • CalgonCarbon DISPOSORB - Carbon Adsorber Canisters

    The DISPOSORB canisters have been developed by Calgon Carbon Corporation for rapid deployment and cleanup of low flow treatment applications such as off-spec products, accidental spills, wash water or runoff water treatment or temporary groundwater cleanups. The DISPOSORB canisters contain all of the design features of a full scale adsorber, but ...

    By Calgon Carbon Corporation UV Technologies Division based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Liquid Phase Adsorption Equipment Product line

  • Tiger Shark - Mobile Wash Compact Trailer

    Shark offers a variety of self-contained mobile wash units to deliver on-site hot water cleaning. All models are durable, built-to-last and easy to use. Choose from either the totally maneuverable, compact Tiger Shark or select one of Shark’s customizable mobile wash systems.

    By Shark Kärcher Group Pressure Washers based in Camas, WASHINGTON (USA). from Mobile Wash Trailers Product line

  • VEWI - Model TW-1000 - PLUS Patented Wheel Wash Unit

    The TW-1000 PLUS combines the strength and durability of the TW-1000 concrete base, but has the capability of additional spraying power by inserting the steel floor deck and spray system of the TW-2000. This insert can be retrofitted to an existing

    By Vehicle & Equipment Washers, Inc based in Falls Church, VIRGINIA (USA). from PERMANENT WASH UNITS Product line

  • Model TKO - Dust Wash Housekeeping Nozzles

    A routine housekeeping program is the best way to prevent combustible dust build-up that could lead to explosions. The “Turbo Kleen and Overhaul” (TKO) Dust Wash Housekeeping Nozzle becomes a convenient delivery system when used with Dust Wash. Using Dust Wash facilitates routine housekeeping in environments with combustible dusts. The ...

    By Hazard Control Technologies, Inc. based in Fayetteville, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Equipment Product line

  • Model HCT - Handy Packs Portable Reservoirs

    Handy Packs are portable reservoirs that deliver a metered amount of chemical agent into the water stream.  When filled with F-500 Encapsulator Agent, Handy Packs are excellent for first responders to extinguish small fires or to mitigate hydrocarbon spills.  They can also be filled with Dust Wash for safe, routine housekeeping involving ...

    By Hazard Control Technologies, Inc. based in Fayetteville, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Equipment Product line

  • LEAP - Model HTS-xt PAL - Fast Wash Station without TraySet or Stack

    Prep and Load System for High Throughput Screening consisting of: 1 pc PAL80 X/Y unit w/ XT Electronics & Firmware 4.1.X. 1 pc HTS Injection unit. 2 pc Standalone support 215mm. 1 pc Control terminal & cable. 1 pc Power supply, Input Voltage 100-240V,120W,50/60Hz & cable. 1 pc Valve drive. 1 pc VICI C72VX-1696D-CTC-K Cheminert UPLC ...

    By LEAP Technologies based in Morrisville, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Ultra Sensitive Mass Spectrometry Product line

  • AquaCycle - Model A100 - Thickeners

    The AquaCycle thickener offers efficient primary stage water treatment specifically for sand, quarry and recycling processes. The introduction of this system brings significant cost savings as it reduces the area previously required to accommodate ponds or lagoons and also reduces the volume of fresh water required to feed your washing plant by ...

    By CDE Global Ltd. Office in Cary, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Water Treatment and Recycling Product line

  • Car Wash Vacuums

    Spencer offers a wide range of vacuum equipment for any car care situation - vacuuming vehicles at a carwash, cleaning a rental fleet, maintaining a municipal transit system, detailing cars or prepping them for auction. There are big selections of vacuum units, dirt collectors, liquid separators, motors and controls, backed by professional ...

    By The Spencer Turbine Company based in Windsor, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Vacuum Systems Product line

  • Model G1750P - Wall Mounted Plastic Bow Eye/Face Washer

    Application: Eye/face wash for wall mounting. Two large FS-Plus™ spray-type outlet heads deliver a flood of water for rinsing eyes and face. spray head assembly: Two FS-Plus™ spray heads. Each head has a “flip top” dust cover, internal flow control and filter to remove impurities from the water flow. Valve: 1/2' IPS chrome ...

    By Guardian Equipment based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA). from Eye Face Washes Product line

  • RE-CYKE - Model CRS SERIES - Rinse Water Recycling Systems

    The CRS-Series rinse water systems are designed to provide rinse-quality water on demand from an automated or manual vehicle wash operation. When needed, the CRS filter pump draws water from the recycled wash water storage tank and pushes it through a deep-bed polishing filter to the rinse process. A pressure switch and tank system assure ...

    By Waste Water Design, Inc. based in Jupiter, FLORIDA (USA).

  • HPI CUDA - Model OS - Aluminum Brightener

    Aluminum brightener, Brush-less Truck Wash & Alkaline Degreaser that rapidly splits out oils and greases. Super concentrated alkaline nonbutyl degreaser and aluminum brightener that allows oils to split out to prevent water pollution. Not for use on zinc and highly polished or anodized aluminum.

    By HPI Processes, Inc. based in Telford, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from HPI/CUDA APW Detergents Product line

  • Pagter - Washing Machine

    This professional washing machine, developed for Procona containers measures 300 x 140 x 160 cm (l x w x h) and is made entirely of stainless steel with a continuously variable conveyor chain. It has heavy-duty heating units to ensure the water temperature remains consistently high despite the speed of the washing process, a powerful pump and ...

    By Pagter Innovations B.V. based in Roosendaal, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Machines Product line

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