Wash Water equipment for Water and Wastewater in USA

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    Model WSI-G-3000 - Grey Water Recycling Unit

    The WSI-G-3000 grey water recycling unit is designed to treat grey water from sinks and showers so that it can be re-used for applications such as flushing toilets, washing vehicles or equipment, or dust control.

    By Water Services Inc. based in Provo, UTAH (USA). from Grey Water Re-use & Recycling Product line

  • Alpha Oil-Water Separator

    The Water Maze Alpha is a highly effective above-ground oil-water separator designed to discharge wash water to the sanitary sewer at rates of up to 30 GPM. The genius of the Alpha is the proprietary 'maze' design of up to 1000 sq. ft. of inclined coalescing plates, which draw oils from wash water. The plates are strapped together in packs and are ...

    By Water Maze based in USA.

  • Model CL - Oil-Water-Solids Separator and Filtration System

    CL Commercial Water Filtration System Treats and Recycles Industrial Wastewater. No other wash-water treatment system is as versatile and modular as the CL series. The six models can stand alone or be matched with a Filter Pac III module (below) to serve as a solids separator, a treat-and-discharge unit or a recycle system.

    By Water Maze based in USA.

  • Premium

    BioKube - Containerized Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) for Hotels and Resorts

    BioKube has many options for treatment and reuse of wastewater for hotels and resorts in all sizes. BioKube’s technology can help you optimize your hotel or resort´s operating costs significantly, by facilitating huge saving on your fresh water bill. Treated wastewater can replace the use of freshwater for multiple purposes such as: ...

    By BioKube A/S Distributor in Meredith, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA).

  • Premium

    Ready Containment - Foam Wall Spill Berms

    Ready Containment, LLC. manufactures a full line of Foam Wall Berms for use in spill containment, decontamination and equipment washing. Ready foam wall berms are built in one inch to two foot high. All our Foam Wall Berms are manufactured from Grade “A” fabric under our strict ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System to insure leak free ...

    By Ready Containment, LLC based in Palmetto, FLORIDA (USA). from Spill Berms Product line

  • Model PC - Filter Bags

    The FLEXSTORM PC ‘Post Construction’ line of filter bags is designed to specifically target small particle and hydrocarbon removal from parking lots, industrial buildings, and other drainage hot spots like gas stations, car washes, and wash bays. The PC filter bags consist of the FX bag lined with a layer of Adsorb-it Filter Fabric, ...

    By FLeXstorm Inlet based in Naperville, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Model G1750P - Wall Mounted Plastic Bow Eye/Face Washer

    Application: Eye/face wash for wall mounting. Two large FS-Plus™ spray-type outlet heads deliver a flood of water for rinsing eyes and face. spray head assembly: Two FS-Plus™ spray heads. Each head has a “flip top” dust cover, internal flow control and filter to remove impurities from the water flow. Valve: 1/2' IPS chrome ...

    By Guardian Equipment based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA). from Eye Face Washes Product line

  • FFT - Model FFC- Vac - Truck Mix

    Assists Vactor Trucks in cleaning grease in collection system force and gravity mains.As the truck uses its cleaning nozzle to break up clogs due to grease buildup, the mix keeps the suspended grease from reforming downstream at the next lift station. Once the grease has been treated, the municipality is done dealing with it. The grease now is ...

    By Fog Free Technologies, LLC (FFT) based in Charleston,, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • Wachs - Valve Maintenance Truck

    A Tier 4F compliant, Kubota 1.1L, I-3 4-stroke, liquid cooled, IDI diesel engine provides ample power for all contained functions, including an auxiliary HTMA Class II circuit with 50ft retractable hose reel. A positive displacement blower provides 500 CFM-11in Hg vacuum, with spoils contained by a 250 gallon tank utilizing our exclusive hydraulic ...

    By E.H. Wachs based in Lincolnshire, ILLINOIS (USA). from Valve Maintenance Truck Product line

  • Hot Water Diesel Power Washing Unit

    The hot water diesel power washing units Aqua Blast offers are very customizable. Diesel units are designed for the same cleaning applications as mobile gas power washers, but are equipped for extended longevity and able to deliver the power needed. Diesel driven units are designed for the harshest conditions where they may run 24 hrs a day. See ...

    By Aqua Blast based in Decatur, INDIANA (USA). from Hot Water Product line

  • Chamber Filter Press

    Straight filtration of greywater possible. Fines are discharged in a compressed and semi-dry filter cake. No more extensive handling of wet sludge. Different closing options from manual to automatic are available. Applicable to reduce density in the agitator pit

    By BIBKO Umwelt- und Reinigungstechnik GmbH Office in Cedar Falls, ILLINOIS (USA). from Process Management/Wash Water Management Product line

  • AquaCycle - Model A100 - Thickeners

    The AquaCycle thickener offers efficient primary stage water treatment specifically for sand, quarry and recycling processes. The introduction of this system brings significant cost savings as it reduces the area previously required to accommodate ponds or lagoons and also reduces the volume of fresh water required to feed your washing plant by ...

    By CDE Global Ltd. Office in Cary, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Water Treatment and Recycling Product line

  • Earthbind - Model 100 - Modified Biopolymer Soil Stabilization Agent

    Earthbind 100 is a quality, versatile bituminous modified biopolymer soil stabilization agent. Earthbind 100 was developed to meet the need for a quality and cost-effective soil stabilizer that can be safely stored and easily applied. Earthbind 100 works by binding loose soil or aggregate particles together, strengthening and water-proofing the ...

    By EnviRoad, LLC based in Portland, OREGON (USA). from Base Stabilization Product line

  • Model 375,000 BTU - Waste Oil Boiler

    1/4' Carbon Steel Shell. Easily Integrated Domestic Hot Water Coil. Flame Retention Head. Hour Meter. Integrated Air Compressor. Non-Condensing. Patented Accutemp Preheater. Removable Rear Cleanout Panel. Small Footprint, fit into more existing structures than any other brand. Specialized Spin-On waste oil filter. Stackable. Steadyflo Metering ...

    By EnergyLogic, LLC based in Antioch, TENNESSEE (USA). from Waste Oil Boilers Product line

  • Earthbind - Model Stabilizer - Modified Biopolymer Soil Stabilization Agent

    Earthbind Stabilizer is a quality, versatile bituminous modified biopolymer soil stabilization agent. Earthbind Stabilizer was developed to meet the need for a quality and cost-effective soil stabilizer and dust palliative that can be safely stored and easily applied. Earthbind Stabilizer works by binding loose soil or aggregate particles ...

    By EnviRoad, LLC based in Portland, OREGON (USA). from Base Stabilization Product line

  • VEWI - Model TW-1000 - PLUS Patented Wheel Wash Unit

    The TW-1000 PLUS combines the strength and durability of the TW-1000 concrete base, but has the capability of additional spraying power by inserting the steel floor deck and spray system of the TW-2000. This insert can be retrofitted to an existing

    By Vehicle & Equipment Washers, Inc based in Falls Church, VIRGINIA (USA). from PERMANENT WASH UNITS Product line

  • LEAP - Model HTS-xt PAL - Fast Wash Station without TraySet or Stack

    Prep and Load System for High Throughput Screening consisting of: 1 pc PAL80 X/Y unit w/ XT Electronics & Firmware 4.1.X. 1 pc HTS Injection unit. 2 pc Standalone support 215mm. 1 pc Control terminal & cable. 1 pc Power supply, Input Voltage 100-240V,120W,50/60Hz & cable. 1 pc Valve drive. 1 pc VICI C72VX-1696D-CTC-K Cheminert UPLC ...

    By LEAP Technologies, Inc. based in Carrboro, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Ultra Sensitive Mass Spectrometry Product line

  • PREVENT - Truck Wash Berms with 4` Walls

    The PREVENT Truck Wash Berm is designed as a mobile wash containment system. Instead of the standard 1' walls used on the PREVENT IS or OS, the Truck Wash berm uses 4' foam encapsulated entrance/exit walls with 4' foam side walls. This allows for continuous drive-over/drive-through applications where folding a wall up and down each time would be ...

  • PREVENT - Ground Tarp & Track Runners

    PREVENT Ground Tarp and Track Runners offer protection for your berm and are highly recommended for use in conjunction with the PREVENT Equipment Wash Pad to extend the life of your berm. The 40oz. Track Runner can be welded into berm at No Charge!

  • Filtrexx EnviroSoxx - Oil and Hydrocarbon Removal

    Filtrexx EnviroSoxx consist of sediment control devices with one or more natural additives used to remove invisible pollutants, including petroleum hydrocarbons. Filtrexx Petroleum Hydrocarbon Removal is a natural absorbent that is used with Filtrexx stormwater pollution prevention practices, such as Sediment Control, Check Dams, Inlet Protection, ...

    By Filtrexx International, LLC based in Akron, OHIO (USA). from Runoff Pollution Control Product line

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